Saturday, June 22, 2019


Gawd, like I don't do enough cleaning all week!
Today I've got to get this house ship shape... and catch up on all the washing.
This past week's been rather wet, so the new clothes dryer is going to get a hammering today I reckon.

If it's a fine day, Stew wants to get the lawns mown.  

Once I've done my housework, I am going to do some sewing... all going well.

By the way, the tooth that got work done on it the other day is feeling good... I'm so relieved.  I can even eat on the right side of my mouth again after a year of not being able to.  How cool is that?

And on that happy note... I'm off to start me day.


So I put my first full, wet load of washing in the clothes dryer, and got a bit of a shock.
2 hours and 50 minutes to dry it???

My old dryer only took 90 minutes to get a full load dry.

NOT impressed at all.  At that rate it's going to take all day and night to get the week's washing dry.  Grrrrr.

Haven't done much else yet today but fluff around the house.  Might have some lunch soon then do some sewing.  Can't sew tomorrow as we are going outta town.

I just booked in my first FBG walk in over a month!  Wednesday morning... hoping it will take my mind off going to the dentist that afternoon?  Think it will work?  lol  Yeah, laughing.

I'm finally heading into the sewing room!   Yaaaa.... and it's 1.50 pm.

ABOVE:  I'm certainly NOT putting it all through the dryer... these shirts of Stew's will take a few days to dry in the lounge, but so what?  We don't use that room much anyway.

ABOVE: And yes, the dryer is in this sewing room.  It's a nice warm place to sit and fold the washing, and I can put it all on the table too.  Handy eh.

Well that was fun!  I got my first 'Holiday Time' Table Runner finished.  I will show you tomorrow... cos right now I'm busting for a piddle, and then it's gunna be dinner and relax time.

And it's also sign off for the day time.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Well that's not good at all! Mine is done in less than an hour.

  2. Our new wash machine takes "days" to do a wash 90 minutes is crazy...i do wash after 11pm because cheaper power but really get a second load done because i dnt get up brfore 4 to put second load to be completed by 6AM

  3. It sure doesn't seem that ANY load of wash should take that long! Did you have the heat on? Or accidentally put it on air fluff or some such thing? If it keeps taking that long, I would call customer service ASAP.

  4. I wonder if the difference in time with the drier is the same in power costs,,, due to the other one being older and less power friendly than they tell us?? , that new ones are super friendly in power Costs??

    Will be interesting to see when you get your power acct ..

    Your sewing rooms looks an ideal spot to have it and serves as multipurpose .

    Enjoy the break from Paid work (smiles) and the walk on Wednesday with the group..


  5. How frustrating for you re the drying time of the new dryer. I love my old F & P dryer - less than an hour and my loads are dry. Hopefully it is maybe a setting thing and you find a way of improving the time.


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