Saturday, June 08, 2019


Every day when I get home from work, this is how I'm greeted:

ABOVE:  Marley does her little 'dance'...  she is just so gorgeous!

And let's not forget the 'SNIFFS':

 ABOVE:  EVERY DAY, without fail, when I get home I get sniffed and sniffed.  So funny.  There is no point me moving till they've finished either, cos they just follow me and trip me up!

It was our 32nd Wedding Anniversary a couple of days ago... thank you for all the Congratulations ♥.   My sister-in-law posted this photo of Stew and I on our Wedding Day, on Facebook. 

ABOVE:  Seriously, what was Stew thinking pulling that face!  *smiles*  As I'd just given birth to Steve 6 weeks earlier (and he was 10 pound 12 ounces), I didn't wear a 'wedding dress', cos I felt TOO FAT!   OMG if only I weighed that much now!

Funny how you can look back on old photos and know that you thought you were fat then, but now realise that you weren't at all.  Sad really.

I feel like I've spent 80% of my life feeling/thinking I was FAT... when in reality it's only been 50%!  lol

Oh well... when I'm really old I will have plenty to 'fall back on' eh?

The NO SUGAR thing is going well.. I hope everyone else who's doing it is doing well too?
Leave me a comment, let me know how you are going!

Today I have nothing on!  So I'm going to try and do some sewing!  Yep... sewing.  Got the Cambridge Market tomorrow and I could do with a few more Soup Bowl Cosy's.  
Fingers crossed I can get a few done today.


CAT658: Awwwww!!!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, that made my day.

My iron is stuffed... if you iron over batting it melts onto your iron, and fucked if you can get that shit off!  
I have scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail... 

ABOVE: That shit just won't come off.   So I decided to go down to the local Briscoes and get a new iron, one that I will be MORE CAREFUL with.

 ABOVE:  my new iron... and guess what?  It was 50% OFF!  SCORE!!!

ABOVE:  And and and......I got this amazing ironing board too... again... 50% off!!!!

And then... my friend Sue T arrived for a natter, so we nattered for about an hour.  lol
Now it's time to get on with lunch then sewing.

HI!  It's been an awesome afternoon!  I got to sew, and I enjoyed it so much.  I've not sewn for about 3 weeks!
I got NINE soup bowl cosy's made!  That's a few more than I thought I'd get done.

I will show them to you tomorrow...gotta have a photo for tomorrow eh? *smiles*

For now, just had dinner, sausages and a lovely vege mix.  Going to now relax in front of the tv before heading off to bed a bit earlier than 'normal', as we have to get up and down to the market by 7 am in the morning.

It's looking like it will be damn cold and wet, probably windy as hell too.  *sigh*


  1. Yeah I keep forgetting about the no sugar thing. Little bit of icecream and a cookie last night. Hmmm. Back to my WW meeting this morning 😊

  2. Aww I love the wedding picture you guys look so happy :)

  3. You were a stunning bride, even without a traditional gown!

  4. Janene11:18 AM

    Gorgeous photo of the two of you! Just stunning :)

  5. Such a sweet pic Chris ♥️ Cheers!
    Try a Magic Eraser on your iron before you toss it. They truly are magical.

    1. I looked at the price of the Magic Eraser... quite expensive! And there's quite a few to choose from? Not sure it's worth it to get one if it costs the same to buy a new iron!

    2. They are like $2 here lol

  6. So cute ! The doggy video AND the two of you!

  7. Anonymous4:03 PM

    The sugar free diet is going ok, I’m finding it very hard but still giving it a red hoy go. How beautiful is your wedding photo, you guys look so happy. Jo

    1. Thanks JO... and well done on giving it a good go with the NO SUGAR. Stew and I were extremely happy on our wedding day, and still are.

  8. I love the wedding photo! I know what you mean about thinking you were fat then looking back at how slim you really were.

  9. Gosh u looked so young in your wedding photo guys...good price reduction on iron

  10. I agree with cat658. You look so gorgeous in your wedding pic! Do you have more photos? I can totally relate to feeling "fat" but in reality you were anything but!!

    1. I do have more, but they are up in the attic and no way am I going up there to find them right now! Next time Stew's up there, if I remember, I'll get them down.

  11. Lorraine H.6:55 PM

    I have been trying to be good re the no sugar etc.I have been out a couple of times this week & was offered a sweet & my favorite biscuit.The Chocolate Mint Biscuit.Oh it was so hard but I did say No.

    1. Well done Lorraine! Proud of you babe.

  12. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Wow Chris you both look so young! You are one hell of a success story. You've hung in there and made it. Love to you both.

  13. My goodness, your potty mouth will catch up on you one day. So pleased you managed to get a lot. Of sewing done, and you are sticking to the No Sugar.
    I have photos somewhere of your wedding I will try to find them.Good luck tomorrow.THE OLD MOO.

  14. I love that photo of you pair!

  15. Belated Happy Anniversary! Great Picture!

  16. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Happy anniversary! Gorgeous pic! you guys are so cute!!!!


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