Saturday, June 15, 2019


*sad face*.... I have to go to work ALL DAY today (except a break at lunchtime), and Stew gets to go SHOPPING!

That really sucks.  I love shopping.  Ya all know that eh?

So... I've been contemplating the pro's and con's of these two clothes dryers:

ABOVE:  Both are similar in price and specifications, so I asked for opinions on Facebook.  It looked like Fisher & Paykel was coming out ahead, but then Steve (our son) rang me and said "Get the Samsung".

He said their after sales care was far, far superior to F&P.  So that's the way we are going.  Plus the F&P one was a few hundred dollars more.  That made it an easier decision too.

So, all going well we will have a new clothes dryer by the end of the day.

As I already mentioned, I've got a double shift at the rest home today.

Think of me on my feet for almost 7 hours, scrubbing and cleaning, folding washing, bla bla bla.  I'm going to be knackered come dinner time!  The only GOOD thing is that I love the oldies, they are (on a whole),  so lovely.

Thankfully, Stew is cooking dinner tonight and tomorrow, one less job for me.

Now... I am off to get the day started.  Catch ya later.


1.55 pm:  Home for lunch.  And a rest.  My lower back is KILLING ME... and I've resorted to taking a Tramadol.
Yes, I had a reaction to it a while ago, but that's because I took it on an empty stomach and also had Panadol at the same time... too much!

Here's hoping Tramadol on it's own kills the back ache.

 So far today, it's been a 'NO BUM DAY'!

And by that I mean, I ain't walked into a room or down a corridor and seen a naked bum!
Yesterday was a '5 BUM DAY'.  Seriously.  5 of them. All ya can do is laugh, cos they do.  *smiles*

This afternoon is laundry duties, so slightly LESS chance of running into a naked bum.  But only slightly.

5.50 pm:  And I'm home from work.... and, well... it was too good to last...

  ABOVE:  It turned out to be a 2 bum day! lol

So glad I thought to take that Tramadol!  It worked, I was not in pain at all while working this afternoon.  I even enjoyed myself, instead of feeling awful.

Stew is cooking Lasagne... cos I had quite a bit of fresh lasagne sheets left in the fridge.  It smells so good.  My mouth is watering.

Our 'spare' teenager goes home later on tonight... I hope her Mum has had a successful 4 days at Field Days.  I'm hoping she can pop in here for dinner before taking her girl home.  She will be exhausted.


  1. I hope you're not feeling too sore after your long and busy day at the resthome. Re the dryer, I hope that you have a much better experience with Samsung than we've had. Getting parts has been a huge issue for us ... they told me they only plan on having parts available for 5 years on whiteware (in our case it was our fridge) ... but they couldn't supply us with new shelves on our model 4 years after we bought it. We've also had other components they haven't been able to supply in original versions. We've been luckier with F&P. We still like Samsung too ... it's just the parts that have been a problem for us.

  2. I cannot fault the after care with F&P but we're in Australia so that may make a difference. Either way you will get a good dryer.

    Love the "no bum" days!

  3. I had no idea that there are so many bare bums!

  4. you will feel happier once the day is over and also having a new dryer .. Its a really must have item in the Waikato,,, because there are days when washing just wont dry ,,,and still having teens at home,, there is always plenty to wash as you know

    We did F&P for our washing machine $500.. and couldnt believe it was the same price,,, as our last one,, 10 years before .

    How is it that In NZ someone was telling us (the home of F&P(smiles) you pay more there?than they are sold for in Aussie ,,

    Hope you had a clothes on afty!!! at the resthome and all went well.

    Its lovely to be among the older ones They really our our Gems..


  5. At least you can laugh about the bums! LOL!

  6. L9ve ya pic of the rosey bare bum lol

  7. Glad the Tramadol worked. I can't stop laughing about the Bare Bums-can just imagine it!!

  8. Bare bums funny..
    Tramadol is the bomb when needed.
    Hope you not too tired after working

  9. Love the cute bare bum lol


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