Thursday, June 06, 2019


So today I've got a private house clean this morning... then this afternoon I've got a shift at the Rest home.

Got the same again tomorrow too.... then three days off.  Yaaaa.

Well ... not really 'off' cos I have the Cambridge Trash and Treasure Market on Sunday.

ABOVE:  How's everyone doing on the No Sugar Challenge???
I'm doing well... if ya asking.  *smiles*

I'm finally feeling pretty much myself again, that cold was a really bad one!  It seems to be going around everywhere.  At least it wasn't the Flu, which has killed a few people already this season.  

I haven't looked out side yet, hopefully today isn't as bad as yesterday.  We had TORRENTIAL RAIN, and wind.  And it's freezing cold now.  
I'm still working in shorts and T-shirt though, cos I just get so hot when I'm working.

Right, enough blithering... I better get up and get a bit of work done around here before I go to work.


ABOVE:  It's our 32nd Wedding Anniversary.
HE remembered.  I DIDN'T.  My bad.
Better make an effort for dinner tonight! lol  Thank You Darling, love you more than you will ever know.

Off to work now.

Job done... and now home.  Had lunch and put some washing on.  Just a normal day then!

Still bloody cold here though, I'm sitting watching Home and Away which taped last night, wrapped up in me blankie.

 ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook yesterday and thought it was lovely, so am sharing if you haven't seen it yet.

ABOVE: How adorable is our little Archer?  He has finally settled into Kindergarten and is enjoying it.  He was very reserved and shy for quite a while.  Looks like he's very happy with his certificate.  *smiles*

5.50 pm:  Home from my rest home shift, which went really well.  I've got this down pat now!  
Just got to cook our dinner now... which is going to be pork steaks and veges, with gravy.  Should be good!

Dinner was lovely, the evening went as expected.... watching TV cuddled up in a warm blanket.  
Now... off to bed.  


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both.

    .Sorry I cant add a pretty bunch of flowers !!(smiles ) Lovely that Stew Remembered too..

    Enjoy your day !!

  2. Happy Anniversary 😊😊


  3. Happy Anniversary to you both x

  4. Once all this dental crap is out of the way, think of all the fun you can have spending your money you are earning, you will be in the swing of it all by then. I recommend one of the short 3 day cruises with you & Stew, cheap as chips, includes everything except your booze & you guys are not big drinkers anyway. It will be something to look forward to :-)

    1. I second that idea - I'm about to do my forth 3 day cruise out of Auckland. Great fun!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  6. Happy anniversary to you both. Archer looks so proud.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  8. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Happy are doing well on the no sugar...I am just trying on the


  9. Happy anniversary. Love Tracy's idea. Glad the rest home is working out for you now.

  10. Happy Anniversary you love birds :) 32 years is amazing and just imagine the fun you will have in the future (with no kids).

  11. Happy Anniversary! I WISH my wife would forget it once. I live in fear of forgetting it myself! :-)
    Good luck with the diet, you can do it!

  12. Happy anniversary. Good on for no sugar. So far so good for me too. Yeh for Diet Coke

  13. Happy Anniversary, mine is 26 today!


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