Thursday, June 13, 2019


Righty ho... gotta get up soon and take the spare teenager and our resident teen to school.

Then home, have something to eat and go to work at the rest home till 1.30.

Then it's straight on to my 2nd job of the day!

Cleaning a private house which is changing hands today.  The owner is having trouble getting everything clean in time to hand over the keys at 5 pm, so I'm going to get stuck in and give her a hand.

I better pack some food too... cos there is literally no break between the two jobs, so I will be eating on the job.

 ABOVE: I saw this one years ago ... saved it till now.  It made me laugh.

And that's all I have for now... better get up and start the day.

Oh and by the way, I'm not doing that well with the ON SUGAR ... scones, cream and jam last night and today!  WHOOPS.

Why, when you are trying to have NO SUGAR, it's all you think about???


6.25 pm:  I got home at 5.50 pm... a bit later than expected I must say.

I did a 4 hour shift at the rest home, all cleaning, so on me feet the entire time.
Then I went to my friend 'S's,  and did 4 hours house cleaning there too.

So as you can imagine, I'm utterly KNACKERED!  My back is BURNING and so sore.

I'm now sitting in me lounge chair, blankie on and I'M NOT MOVING FOR NO ONE.

Stew is on his way home from Rotorua, and he's picking up Pizza on his way.  No bloody way am I cooking.

I could have put something in the crock pot this morning, but I had nothing in the freezer suitable to slow cook.

The teenage girls and I are going grocery shopping on Friday morning, we are out of just about everything.  

I don't think I've felt this tired in a long time... doing two 4 hour hour jobs back to back probably won't be happening again!   It's not the hours involved that's so tiring, it's the nature of the work.

Vacuming, washing floors, bathrooms, toilets etc.  All involve bending over repeatedly.  I can cope with JUST 4 hours, not 8.

Now... I'm looking forward to a nice dinner, then just relaxing in me chair!

So Stew got home with the pizza... which was lovely. It took me almost two hours to 'remember' that I can take a panadol for the back ache!  I just had two.
I hope they kick in quick, cos I'm really sore.

Signing off now... cos I'm done for the day.


  1. I know what you are saying Chris,, and please Remember us girls metabolism is different to our guys as we get over 50 so dont beat yourself up too much about it.

    (Its a known truth about after menopause etc )
    You lead a busy life as we all do,, and can only do what we can do .

    Sounds fab you have another teen to share for a few days and good company for Brylee and Griffin.

    Liked your skit about the floor (smiles)

    Take care


  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I’m still trying but have picked up a nasty flu that includes an incredibly sore throat, so I’ve been having a lot of lozenges that are full of sugar. Jo

  3. I failed too. Apricot pie last night 🍑

  4. Busy day :-), hope it is all going well.

  5. Busy, busy day for you Chris. Love scones with jam and cream. Put those in the past now and start back on track.

  6. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Even if I am not avoiding sugar I still think about it!!



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