Wednesday, June 12, 2019


No jobs today!

But I don't get to sleep in.

We are looking after a friend's daughter while her Mum is working at Feildays.  So we have an extra teenager for 4 days, and I have to take her to and from school.

Just like old times, doing the 'school run'.

She's a really good kid though, gives us no trouble at all, and she seems to love being here.  She gets on really well with Brylee and Griffin which is neat.

So once she's at school... I have a few hours to do whatever I want.  Not sure what that will be yet.

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and thought "Perfect"... I just changed some of the words to suit:

ABOVE:  So Mum... see if you can find one!  *smiles*  

And with that little funny... I'm outta here, will be back later.


OK so basically I've done nothing so far this morning.  Just sitting watching some You Tube videos and checking out Facebook.
Then I saw a video and just have to share it, I nearly vomitted from laughing so much:

It just reiterates why I'm NEVER doing that!

"Knock Knock"... hmmm who would be knocking on my front door?
I jump up and Awwww, it's two ladies from the FBG group!  They were out doing a dummy run of a walk they are leading next week, and decided to pop in to say 'Hi' to me.
That was so nice.  I wish I could join them on their walk next week, but I'm working.  

Now that I'm getting into the groove of working, I do hope to get on a few walks soon.  

Can you believe I've still not done much around here?  Just fluffing around, tidying a bit here and there. I turned on the dryer now it's in the middle of the garage.  It started to get 'that' smell, so yeah, I turned it off.

I'm getting hungry, so might get an early lunch.  

I just had a brilliant idea!  If I need to get washing dry and it's raining for days on end, I can just take all me washing to a laundromat until I can get a new dryer!  I've never used a laundromat either, so that would be a novel experience eh?  *smiles*

edited: I'm a dick!  I'm NOT doing a rush job today as I thought, it's tomorrow!  Requires a bit of rushing around as I am working tomorrow morning, but still doable.
So, two jobs tomorrow.  Yaaa, more money for the bloody teeth!

Tonight's dinner was:

ABOVE:  Slow baked chicken pieces with Teriyaki Sauce on top, with hash browns/chips/potato balls.  Everyone loved it.

Now... I'm going to nag ask the guys to bring the treadmill into the family room, and put the exercycle in the garage.  I'm much more keen on using the treadmill while watching TV than the exercycle.

And that's it for the day... Coronation Street is on tonight so I won't be coming back on here!


  1. Lol like a bark collar for dogs but for humans lol.😂😂

  2. I tried that mask and it hurts like mad and makes you cry! But who on earth is that guy and why does he sound like Elmo?

    1. I think he's a You Tuber Comedian? He puts that voice on as part of his persona.

  3. Anonymous10:30 AM

    hahahahahha soooooooooooo funny!

  4. Yup I take my towels and sheets to laundrette no drying here at all do hang day to day stuff in garage

  5. I want that dinner! (but for breakfast) YUMM


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