Tuesday, June 18, 2019


So... today I just have one house clean to do... that's this morning.

Then the rest of the day is mine.

I've started planning a new runner.  Just a fun one for my markets in October and over summer.  

HEATHER:  Thanks for your payment.  I will be working on your grandson's quilt very, very soon.  This coming weekend I have free... so there's a good chance I will be making a start on it then.

And yep, that's me for now.  I have to load my cleaning stuff in my car, then get some washing on.

Catch ya later.


So... this morning's job didn't take as long as usual, so I'm home before 12.  Got the washing on, and having lunch before going into the sewing room.

FYI: SENSOR DRYERS...  I was told this is how they work:

The dryer 'senses' the temperature in the room/area you have the dryer.  It will dry the clothes until they are the same temperature/moisture as the air around the dryer.
So, if you have the dryer in a cold, damp place (ie the garage), the dryer will 'dry' your clothes until they are the same as the air in the garage/area.  So if the garage is damp, your clothes will be too.

I've bought a Sensor/Condenser/Heat Pump dryer... and it will be in the sewing room.  It will dry the clothes and put all the moisture from them into a container in the front of the dryer.  And as it's a 'Heat Pump' dryer as well... it is the most economical one as well.  WIN WIN.

NO SUGAR, two week challenge:

I lost 2.9 kgs.  How did the rest of you do?

Steve (son #2) just rang me and told me I CAN put the new dryer in the garage.  He says the salesman has his facts wrong.  So yaaa, I will be putting it in the garage after all.

I have had some fun this afternoon, designing a new runner.  I will give you a sneek peek... and a fuller peek tomorrow... *smiles*

ABOVE:  it's a JEEP!   And I just LOVE the fabric I found for it.  The little weird critter is a part of the fabric.  He fits there so well.
As you can tell, it's far from finished.  It's so much fun doing this runner.

I really NEEDED to get into the sewing room today...I was feeling really down and flat today.
And now I'm feeling so happy... I just love that JEEP!

Dinner is ready, pork and bacon with salads in a Stand N Stuff thingee.  They are super yum.
I'm going out.
To the FBG Quizz night at the Good George Pub.
It's held in an outside gazebo thingee, so let's hope they have the gas heaters on!

I'm dressed for the cold, and I'm taking a blanket too!  It can get bloody cold if they turn off the heaters too soon.  

I will say goodnight now... cos I won't be back till late.


  1. Has it been two weeks already? Oh dear. I fear the scale.

  2. Has it been two weeks already? Oh dear. I fear the scale.
    Interesting about the dryer. I thought they sensed the moisture level within the dryer and dried until some set thing in its computerized brain told it to stop.

  3. Great work with the scales

  4. Um.... I don't think I have done too well with the no sugar but am going for a weigh tonight.... I think I'm down a kilo....

  5. Fantastic weight loss, keep it up

  6. Well done on that loss Chris. What a neat idea the way the drier works 2 jobs in one really!!
    Hope its a sunny day there as it it where we are today.

    Nearly the shortest day,,, then 6 weeks of cool weather ,,,,and then its heading for spring n summer Yay!!

  7. Maria3:57 PM

    Yeah I don't think the person who explained dryers was correct. Sensor dryers have a sensor INSIDE them that sensors water content. On Noel Leemings site they say Heat pump dryers can be place anywhere. Saying that a heat pump dryer will not work if outside temp is 5C or lower. But I don't think your garage would be that cold??? Not sure.

  8. Lorraine H4:07 PM

    Well I got on the scales this morning & they growled get off.You've lost Bugger all.A whole fat 600gms.I did do it so that's the main thing.I guess a loss is a loss.

    Southgirl x

  9. Well done on the no sugar challenge! Keep up the good work.

  10. Glad you can put the dryer in the garage. That just makes more sense.

  11. You did well, girl!!1 2.9 kilos is magnifique. I copped out and ate icecream and iced coffees with sugar and there was a birthday as well. Damn it.

  12. Love the jeep! Great job on the no sugar!


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