Thursday, June 27, 2019


Sorry, it's not a good news day today.

Yesterday afternoon I found out that another of Coco's puppies passed away, the third one that we know of.

Chico was from Coco's first litter and was an adorable puppy.

ABOVE:  Little Chico as a puppy.  We called her 'Pinky',  till Jackie and family re-named her.  

Chico died yesterday during surgery for ligament damage apparently.  Her poor wee heart just stopped.  R.I.P. Chico.  Condolences to Jackie and family.

I have work this morning.. actually looking forward to it.  First of 4 days in a row at the Rest Home.  I'm doing double shifts on Saturday and Sunday too... so needless to say I might be tired and crabby come Sunday night.  *sigh*

But work is good, it takes ya mind off other shit... and it's paying for the dentist.  Power of the positive and all that jazz.

When I get home I will continue working on the cot quilt.  I'm feeling really happy with how it's looking.


OMG it's so cold...

ABOVE:  Look at that.  OLD MOO... bet ya don't miss New Zealand frosts.

I am freezing, have got three layers on INSIDE the house... and I might add our house is very well insulated.  
When I get to work I will take off two layers and just be in a t-shirt and shorts... cos obviously, they keep the Rest Home damn warm.

1.55 PM:  Home from work, which went well... except for one very cranky old man.

 ABOVE:  Seems just because I'm the newest person there, it MUST have been ME who lost his freakin' shirt!  
He wagged his finger at me and told me off in no uncertain term!  So I just stood there and smiled as big as I could... cos as I tried to tell him, I'm NOT the only person who puts away the clothes.

But no, in his mind it was all my fault because I didn't know who's shirt it was and I must have put it in someone else's closet.  *sigh*

End of the story?  It was found in someone else's closet, and I didn't put it there.  Grrrr.

Just because you are 90+ does not mean you can be rude.  

ABOVE:  Thankfully, a no bare bum day.  Phew.

Now, I'm going to get me some lunch cos I'm starving.

Dinner is cooking in the crock pot, my favourite stew, beef/bacon and tomato.  It smells amazing.

10 pm:  and I've just had my dinner.  That's what happens when you don't have lunch till 2.30 in the afternoon... you ain't hungry at 'dinner time'.  The stew was wonderful, and there's enough left over to make into a pie for tomorrow night.  Even better.

And that's a wrap for today.  I'm watching Coronation Street, then off to bed.


  1. Oh Man! I am just so sorry! Poor little pup!

  2. Poor Chico :-(.

    It was cold here too - there was ice like stuff on my windscreen this morning.

  3. That is awful news, so sorry to hear hear that. Hugs x

  4. Yep, cold here in Matarangi too!! Brrrrrr...... I bet you love those old folk really, it must be kind of cute seeing and hearing what they get up to.

  5. Haha, got to love old people, I am sure sometimes arguing is the only thing keeping them up. At lease he had pants on lol.

  6. I live with an 81 yr old and the prospect of my parents moving in sooner rather than later they r 82 and 80....if i go into hiding that y

  7. Phew that is a frost and a half!! So happy we don't get them here! So sorry to hear about the puppy. I think all social pleasantries disappear with age and they say what they think! Sorry you had to face that!

    1. He's been getting more and more cantankerous by the day really... but I didn't let it bother me too much! He's just got nothing better to do really.

  8. Wow that is a decent frost. We had a frost yesterday but none this morning thankfully. Sad about the little dog - it is always so devastating when a pet leaves us. Made me laugh about the lost shirt-my mother always moaned about her clothes getting lost and I'm sure she wouldn't have been pleasant about it!!.

  9. Sending you and Chico's family big hugs! To us doggie people it's JUST LIKE losing a child. So sad. Big hugs. Mel x

  10. Brrr cold weather for you! We are in the hot time.


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