Monday, June 24, 2019


This morning one of the Sue's from Hamilton is coming out to visit.
We are gunna go into town (local) and check out the Op Shops, then have morning tea.

So that's gunna be lovely eh.

Once Sue has left I am going to do some sewing... I'm working on a baby boy quilt now.  I have been dreaming about it!  That's a good start.

It will probably take me a week or so to do, as I have to design it, get the layout right before even starting to cut out fabric.  All fun.

Here's a few more family pics from yesterday:

ABOVE:  chilling on a cool afternoon.

ABOVE:  Stew got this lovely, colourful painting by Archer, to hang at work.  Lucky man.  I'm told Archer LOVES painting, and brings home a masterpiece most kindy days.  *smiles*

And that's a wrap for now... I've got a bit to get done before Sue arrives.

Catch ya later.


1.05 pm:  This morning has been just lovely.  Sue arrived bright and early, and we literally yakked  till she left at lunchtime!

I did remember to get a photo or 30!  Thanks to Brylee holding the shutter down on me camera !

ABOVE: Sue always looks so amazing!  She gets a lot of her clothes from Op Shops and can 'throw' them together so well.  Me on the other hand... just tights and a top.  I don't 'dress up' very often.  I wish I was as clever with clothes as Sue is, that's for sure.

Sue  has left now, and I've cooked some lunch for Brylee and I... and now I am going into the sewing room.

10.15 pm:  and no actual sewing got done today, but lots of planning, drawing, making patterns.

Off to bed soon, I will be able to start making a quilt tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Wow those kids are growing Chtis. Enjoy your day. Back to work and will post your parcel today. Kj

  2. Lovely family photos!

  3. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Test test test Krissy

  4. Love your hair styled liked that Chris, you look lovely.

    And I love Sue's styling...

  5. what a nice day you have had again today after the family meetups yesterday .
    Love the pics .
    So happy yo met up with one of the Sues today and you look like sisters but both about the same age 50 .

    Seriously you look nice in that top and Sue looks nice too but as soon as I saw your top I was gonna ask where you got it ???cos it suits you and your hair like that fab too.

    I see Sues posts on insta and love the way she puts together her outfits . Everyone has different talents and your sewing etc wows us here , so all good !!


    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      Hi what is the name of Sues Instagram please? I loved reading her blog, so full of beautiful pics of her op shop treasures, pets and garden. I miss it!

    2. Sorry Amon, I don't know what her instagram name is.

  6. PS love the background pic behind you and Sue in those 2 pictures .

    Cheers !!

  7. How are Brylee teeth of late with her braces

  8. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Wow, your weight loss is very noticeable, now I'm feeling guilty as I have slipped off the rails - again!!! in my weight loss/healthy options journey. Once again, you have motivated me.
    Lovely family pic's the grandchildren have grown too.
    Kindest, Heather

  9. Some people just have that fashion knack. I'm not one of them lol. I mostly have my jeans and v neck t shirt uniform ;)


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