Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Well... I've got the dentist again today. It's not till 2.30 this afternoon, so I have lots of time to stress out about it.

Though, I am not feeling quite so scared this time... cos I don't have to get IV sedation, and I know that once the numbing kicks in it doesn't hurt at all.  And that's what freaks me out the most, anticipation of pain, and well... PAIN. 

Unfortunately my upper gum is still sore from last week's work, so after today's appointment I will need to take a couple of weeks break .

No work today at all... which is nice.  I will do some more prep work on the baby quilt this morning I think.  Keep myself busy *smiles*


I wasn't going to talk about this.
I got some very unsettling news last night.
I'm not actually able to share details.

I hardly slept.
I stayed in bed till 9.50 am this morning crying.
It could all be OK... but it's the unknown, the 'what it's', the pure fear and dread that's getting to me.

The dentist?  Not given it a thought to be honest.

Some things are just more important right now.

So if my blog posts are a bit short, to the point, not interesting, or even missing... just know it's because something much more IMPORTANT is going on.

And I'm really, really shitting myself.

I hope in a week or two I can share ... good news I really, really hope.

OLD MOO:  please don't mention the 'what' in a comment.

As Stew just said to me, it's a shame I'm not working today... I could do with the distraction! Instead I am just stewing, mind is going around and around in circles.

I actually looked at the clock before and thought, oh, dentist in a couple of hours, and my stomach didn't do a flip flop!  That's weird.

I'm TRYING to work on the baby quilt.  But keep getting side tracked. Phone calls. Texts.  PM's on facebook.  Peeps are 'fishing'.  No fish being caught right now sorry.

ABOVE: So I'm so distracted  I've turned up at the dentist's 35 minutes too early!
So let's  just sit here and shit myself SOME MORE. 

I'm so sorry for alarming everyone! Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can say 'False alarm' and all will be well in our little bubble again.  *smiles*

I just had a massive 'wobble' and needed to share how I was feeling.

The dental visit went 'well'... as far as having ya teeth drilled goes.
I'm still alive, I cried the whole way through it again... but the Lavender/Orange and Gerber oils on a tissue that they gave me was lovely.
Quite calming.

Funny how ya expect your face to be blown up out of all proportion when it's all numb eh?  It's gunna take hours to get feeling back, cos I have to get double the 'normal' amount of injections... cos I'm  SUPER SENSITIVE apparently.  Typical... I'm a pain in the bum.

So, I'm starving but can't eat in case I bite myself!  Food through a straw perhaps?

Well... luckily by the time I'd cooked dinner my numbness was wearing off, so I managed to eat dinner without harming myself.

Then I looked at Stew and said "I need chocolate".  So we went to the supermarket and bought some chocolate.

I'm now feeling ill.  And I didn't even have much!  Pffffft.

Will be heading off to bed early tonight, hoping to actually sleep tonight.


  1. Oh dear, I hope all turns out okay. Our lawyer gave us some good advice a couple of years ago, along the lines of try not to dwell on the bad thoughts or the "what ifs" until the times you have too, try not to let it consume everything - easier said than done I know but I still use that process when I can. Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts :-)

  2. Lacy Harvey12:30 PM

    so I have no idea what's going on but reading this post has really got me upset for you Ma being that your so upset and scared, I just want wrap you up and give you a big hug 😞
    fingers and toes all crossed that whatever or whoever is going to be OK

  3. An old Cliche I know Chris but keep positive Chick, sometimes our worst nightmares are the ones we feed at night ,,and come daylight all turns out to be good.

    You have family support and strength together ..
    Dentist will be fine now they deaden your gums like last time .

    Kia Kaha ..

  4. That picture of the deranged smiling (?) man behind the dentists reception is quite frankly quite terrifying :-)

  5. sending good vibes, hope everything comes out ok! Glad you made it through the dentist!

  6. I am soo sorry to hear that you have a stressful couple of weeks coming up. Uncertainty is the worst. Truly hope you get good news in the end!

  7. How did you cry? I had this rubber thing covering my mouth and could only breath through my nose, crying was certainly not an option for me. Hopefully you'll get better the more you go.

  8. Thats pretty interesting about the oils on a tissue . I like to think there are natural ways of calming us down .

    Just curious so am going to look those 3 up and see if they come in a mixed bottle .

    So happy its all behind you for the time being and the fear didnt make you Not go .. Thats a plus you can take away from it all


  9. As Oprah once said it's that kinda ugly snot face crying that gets to her lol.... Xxx


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