Sunday, June 02, 2019


Yesterday morning when I got to work the lady in the laundry made a comment about me 'not getting everything done' the night before.

I was like, "What do you mean?  I did everything".

She said when she got to work there was a big pile of washing on the bench not folded up!

Well... I assured her that when I left everything was folded and put away, the freshly washed laundry was in the dryer ready to go etc etc.

So anyway,  I was a bit cross because I knew damn well I'd done it all.

I was talking to the other cleaning lady about that and she said  : "TAKE PHOTOS".

Like, take photos when you leave in the evening, of the laundry, to PROVE you left it all done.

So that's what I did last night, I took photos to show I'd done EVERYTHING.

You shouldn't have to do that though!  It's crazy the atmosphere in that place, it's not nice at all!

So I'm going to be very interested to see what, if anything, happens this morning!   
Will there be a mystery load of washing dumped on the bench???

Oh I'm on 'Empty Resident's Room Bins' again today too... GUESS what I won't be doing?  lol

OLD MOO:  Walking with my FBG group is taking a back seat right now as :

a) The only walk leaders right now are women I would prefer NOT to walk with.

b)There's only a few walks a week being lead right now, and none of them work with my work schedule.

c) Every walk over the past few days has been cancelled because it's been RAINING.

d) I'm still coughing, so walking in bad weather probably ain't a good idea.

I know some jobs are just not worth it cos of stress/poor pay, but I'm working to pay for the 'extras' in life, which include my upcoming dental appointments! As it is I shall have to pay for one fixed tooth at a time cos dental costs are scary!

So frustrating because three teeth were 'fixed' last year and cost $3,500... and two of those three need to be 'fixed' again!   Grrrrr.

Right... I'm now going to have some breakfast (rare event)... cos I need food before going to work.  I just have a piece of toast with margarine on it.  Yesterday I also had a banana... I'll probably do that too, even though they do spike my blood sugar level.  I need energy to get through all the scrubbing, cleaning, folding bla bla bla!
My arms ARE getting used to it ... wish my back was!


1.50 pm:  Home and this was waiting for me:

 ABOVE:  Stewy had lunch all cooked ready for me (and the family).  Lovely treat.  I could just sit down and relax for an hour and a half before heading back for my last shift for this week.

Work went well this morning, I was really busy though and was on my feet for the entire time.  My gluts are KILLING ME!!!

ABOVE:  Stew had also bought a small bunch of flowers for me, and added some lovely colourful foliage from our garden too.  So pretty.

Atmosphere:  was much better today!  No one seemed to 'snob' me at all today.  That was nice.  2.5 hours left to do today then I get a couple of days off from the rest home.  My private home cleans start again this coming week though, all three of them in a row.  *sigh*

Right, time to relax for another 45 minutes.

Well thank god today is over!  I'm utterly knackered again.  My last shift went fast... only just got everything done on the list.

Came home to an amazing dinner cooked by Stew.  Lamb chops baked in mint sauce and onions, roast potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli in a cheese sauce, and baked capsicums.  It was delicious!

So thankful for such a wonderful man.

I've done nothing but watch TV and do jigsaw puzzles on my computer tonight.  Very relaxing.

Signing off for the day now.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Maria9:44 AM

    If the teeth were fixed last year, then they should be fixed now for free. "Fixes" should last more than a year. I have had fillings come loose within a year and the were replaced. Also had a $2000 root canal start to hurt again and was re-done free of charge (I think that was about 18months old)

    1. My teeth hurt only TWO WEEKS after I'd had them done! By then though I'd lost confidence in the dentist and was too scared to go back.

  2. Gosh is your colleague serious about the washing? It's a resthome, a 24/7 operation ... of course, there is going to be washing come in between shifts! The fact that she even made such a comment totally astounds me! I worked in a residential home for many years and it was quite common that residents would have accidents that required changes of bedding, clothes etc. Taking photos sounds like a good idea (but not something you should have to be doing).

  3. Hope your greated today with an apology and explanation from yje tart that said u hadnt done your job yesterday

  4. Hey what a fab lunch n flowers to come home to..
    Shows how appreciated you are by your husband and work as a team helping each other when the other needs it

    really gives a shine to the day and takes away all the negatives that sometimes others try to put in the way.

    Love the flowers,, that some are bought and you ones garden hard work ,,takes care of the additives to the vase

    Enjoy your R&R together tonight with the family


  5. Anonymous4:08 PM

    It is against the law to take photos in a nursing home unless you have permission...


    1. Even of just the laundry bench??? lol

    2. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Probably, they don't want anything to be "shown" for privacy reasons...


  6. As annoying as it is not walking at the moment, your jobs will involve a fair physical work out! I hope the atmosphere continues to improve - all workplaces have their crappy people and internal politics. Drives me nuts. And that lunch looks awesome!! Liz

  7. Your Stew is a winner for sure!


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