Monday, June 03, 2019


This is doing the rounds on Facebook:

ABOVE:  I got 'challenged' to do this with a girlfriend:
 ABOVE:  This is Sue T, she challenged me to do the NO SUGAR Challenge.  I decided to open it up, share the idea.... the more the merrier eh?

We are starting this tomorrow (Tuesday).

I said it was impossible as I only drink Diet Coke (soda)... but we are going to do it anyway.  
Sue T wants to lose 5 kgs.  I'm aiming for a more modest 2 kgs, as I know I can do that. No unrealistic expectations from me... I don't want to set myself up to fail!

If I lose more, well and good.

KAREN J:  you joining us right?  Anyone else wanna join?  Weigh yourself today or tomorrow, and then two weeks later.  I will give a little PRIZE to the one who loses the most!
So far:  Sue T, Karen J and Me.
I will keep the tally... just be honest and gimme ya loss after two weeks.  OK?  You only have TODAY TO JOIN US.

It's a doodle to go without all those things... I did it for over 8 months last year!  And this might just kick start me onto healthy eating again... though I must say I've been pretty good the past week or so already, just a couple of slip ups with ice cream and a burger with Brylee the other day.

Today is Queen's Birthday... so Stew is home from work, teenager is home, and I'm pretty sure Brylee is home too... she's got our cousin D here for a sleep over.  Giggly girls!

Probably won't see them rise before their stomachs start screaming! lol

As for right now, I'm still in bed... and plan on staying here for a bit longer.  I have no plans for the day other than catching up on some housework and making sure my supplies are ready for tomorrow's house clean.



Anyone else up for it???

We had a frost this morning, not too heavy, but still a frost.  Now?  GLORIOUS day, not a cloud in the sky.
Stew and I are going into Hamilton for a lunch date.  A DATE!!!  lol

Not sure where we will go yet, but somewhere nice.   I will make sure I have something evil, cos tomorrow the Challenge Starts.  *smiles*

It's 10.35 am and there's no sign of any teenagers ... YET.

So... we ended up at the Foundation at The Base, but because it was packed and there was a high chance we'd end up waiting ages for a meal, we went into town.
And ended up wandering around considering the limited options for ages before we ended up ... at the foodcourt!  
Had Butter Chicken, without chicken and no rice either.  I just had a naan bread and dunked it into the sauce.  Ate about 1/3rd and was done. 
So much for a 'nice' lunch!  I'm a cheap date.

Home now and we are both going to have a relaxing afternoon.

It's 2.30 pm and the girls are up and have been out for food.  The other teenager is no where to be seen.  Gone out.

Awesome, lovely lazy afternoon.  Stew and I both fell asleep in our lazy boys! lol

Now, dinner time and I've no idea what we are having, and I care even less.

So far, there's 9 of us doing the 'NO SUGAR' Challenge!  Go us.  

Weigh in tomorrow morning, and again in exactly two weeks, then let me know how much you lost.  The 'winner' will be getting a little gift from me.  

DOG STARS:  ain't no sugar in Diet Coke, and I would die without it, so YES, we can drink Diet Coke.

WELL!  I've had a nice number of ladies respond to my 'JOIN ME' Challenge!  So far I have 17 girls, from here and Facebook.  Tomorrow morning (NZ time) we start 14 days SUGAR FREE!

But for right now, it's TOM HANKS movie time on the telly!  Signing off now.


  1. Lorraine H.9:23 AM

    Way to go Chris.I love the little challenge of no Sugars etc.May I join your happy little team for the challenge please.

    Southgirl.(Lorraine H.)

  2. I will join you. Desperate to loose some weight and fail each week

  3. Good for you Chris I know you will rise to the challenge as you did so well for so long last time..

    Gr8 work . Will follow you and the other girls .. Thumbs up from us here !! Enjoy your lovely suuny day that we have as well. Worth the cooler nights n morns..

    Cheers !!

  4. Please may I join too? Going on a big trip soon and really, really need this.

  5. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I will give it a try, I went a solid day and a half last week eating no carbs. Over the last 2 years my weight has increased by 30kgs mainly from medication to help with nerve pain, my diet hasn’t changed if anything I eat less but I find if I’m stressed my weight just drops off and for the last few years I’ve been extremely happy, Jo

  6. I would like to join you and try to,lose some weight, I will do my best and make some changes

  7. Well, what is the official rule on Diet Coke? If I can have it - I am in!

  8. I'm with you too! Most of that is quite easy here. Not much fast food and too hot for chocolate. I'll have to change to heavy brown country bread.
    Actually weighing myself may be more of a shock lol, learning the bitter truth....

  9. Can I join your challenge? I know I don't have a heap of weight to lose but I've been letting my evil habits creep back in. Things like chocolate covered peanuts, pick n mix sweets and the likes, oh and a bit too much wine too! I have just been told by the muscloskelto specialist I must not do ANY exercise, not evening walking for a further 6 weeks. I have a stress fracture in my pelvis. So while I sit around for the bone to heal I really need to watch what I eat at the moment. Normally I "exercise off" the treat food I eat but that is not an option so I need to stop the sugar! This two week challenge is exactly what I need!

  10. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Cool I drink a lot of coke no sugar and dont think I can drink water all the time. Trying to work out my menu for rest of 2 weeks. Still no oven since the fire. 4 weeks now. Kj

  11. Count me in 😉. I need it!! 🐖

  12. I’d like to join your challenge!

  13. I'm in !
    I have worked around house all day.

  14. Well diet coke doesn't have sugar so it sort of applies to the challenge. Best of luck. I've been sugar free 90 days as of yesterday!

  15. Also funny that we have the same queen but we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday (only) in May! Such a strange world we live in!


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