Monday, June 10, 2019


We have lived here in Cambridge for THREE YEARS TODAY.
It has flown by, and it's been a wonderful three years.  We LOVE Cambridge, and I love all the friends I've made here.
I hope we don't have to move for at least 20 more years.


First and foremost, I'm gunna SLEEP IN.

Once I've had enough of being a lazy tart, I am going to get up, fluff around the house getting some jobs done and then...

I'm going into Hamilton to buy some more winter length tights.  I only have two pair that are wearable now... all the rest are too worn, or have paint splatter on them!

Talking of paint.  I've decided NOT to do any more painting.  It's just too expensive and you waste so much paint ... it's just not in the budget.  While I LOVED doing those few canvas's, I just don't have the money or time to keep doing them.  

So onward... I shall just stick to my sewing.

Amanda, Lacy and Kelly... I will be at The Base lunchtime-ish if you want to meet up with ya Mum?  

I was a bit gutted not making any money yesterday at market... but as someone said, the PLUS side is I have plenty of stock!
The only things I really need to make more of is a few large size Tree and Wonky House table runners.  

I have TWO MONTHS to get that done, as I'm not doing the July market.  I am working that day and I don't want to set up and leave Stew to run it in the freezing cold.  He will have to do it in August and September though, cos again it clashes with my job!

Poor man.

The teenager went to his 2nd school ball on Saturday night, and with his permission, here's a few photos (not taken by me) :

 ABOVE:  Griffin and his very best friend 'A'.  They have been friends ever since we moved here.

 ABOVE:  Note his 'shoes'.  *smiles*  He's too cool to wear conventional, 'appropriate' shoes! 
I liked his choice though, totally HIM.

ABOVE: He thought this car was awesome, and him and three friends went to the ball in it.  Then they had to wait for buses to get back into Cambridge once the ball was over .  He got home at 2 am! 
But, he assures us he had a wonderful time, so that's lovely.

Now... I'm gunna roll over and get a few more Zzzzzz's, fingers crossed!


MORNING!  I finally got outta bed around 9.  Put some washing in the dryer to air, then hopped in the shower.
Then... back to the garage to put a load of washing on... opened the door and ...

SHIIIIIITTT!!!!  There's this thick, white, acrid smelling smoke filling the room!

OMG.  It's from the dryer, so that bugger gets turned off quick smart!  I will unplug it from the wall and get Stew to look at it when he gets home.

Though.. as it's AT LEAST 25 - 30 years old... I think it's probably dying! 

Now, I'm going to get myself ready and go out.  Having lunch with two of our girls today too.  *smiles*

Mission accomplished... I bought some really warm sweatpants for winter..

 ABOVE: shock horror! Red pants no less! 

ABOVE: I also had lunch 
with these two  girls. Was nice to catch up with them. I'm now killing time to give Brylee  and Jordan some 'alone time'....

Yeah.. I'm damn NICE like that eh.

Well I got home a bit 'early', so snuck into my lounge and had a nana nap!  It was lovely, for a change I didn't wake up feeling worse than before I fell asleep.

The kids?  Don't even know if they knew I was home.. and in fact they are still holed up in Brylee's bedroom, PROBABLY watching Netflix as per usual.

***  I am thrilled to bits with my new winter pants btw ***

Now... gotta sort out dinner.

ABOVE:  I made a bacon/onion/cheese/tomato Lasagna for dinner.  It was OK.  Not impressed with the sauce I used.  Next time I'll make my own.

And's watch TV, relax time.  Then bed.
So... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Shit glad you went out to dryer again before u left the house. Griffen looks like hd had a great time

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Griffin looks handsome and love the shoes with suit..I have always liked that look. Maybe you could swap a shift with someone for the upcoming markets? I always worry about my dryer as it is old but I don't use it that often mine has a filter in the door so less likely for it to over heat and the fluff catch on fire.


  3. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Thank goodness you went into the garage when you did. There have been house fires caused by dryers. You said you would unplug it so I won't bother to say that, lol. I presume you took the clothes out of it as well? Have a good lunch with your daughters. Audrey from Rotorua

  4. Griffin scrubs up well :-). Glad he had a good time.

    Definitely the to get a new dryer - a new one will be heaps more efficient too, both in drying ability and power usage.

  5. Lacy Harvey1:32 PM

    Thanks for the Lunch Date Ma xox

  6. great family pix!!! Griffin is very dashing!!!!! Christy x

  7. Thank you for lunch mum x

  8. Fun post today. Great to see griffin and the girls. I am a bit shocked about the RED pants!,,, I have never seen a dryer smoke before~ I agree it’s likely a goner. Not sure I would ever trust it again!

  9. Anonymous9:58 PM

    It’s surprising how much fluff gets inside a dryer even if you do clean the lint filter often.

  10. Griffin so handsome great look rad car.
    thank goodness you didnt go out! And leave dryer on.

  11. Hope you get your dryer problem sorted out. Wonderful pictures of Griffin.

  12. Nice pics of Griffin and friends and the car and dinner looks delish as well..



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