Tuesday, June 25, 2019


This morning I have one house to clean, then the day is mine.

I should be home by lunchtime.

I will be making a start on cutting out fabric for the Baby Quilt.  There will be no sneak peeks of it though ... I want it to be a surprise for the recipient.
But it's gunna be BLUE, with a nautical theme.  RIGHT. UP. MY. ALLEY!

I will show you what I did while watching TV last night though...

ABOVE:  I traced vehicles onto sheets of thick plastic.  They are my templates for 'Holiday Time' table runners.

I also had a little light bulb moment on what else I could put on those Holiday Time runners ... but you'll just have to wait till I've finished another one to find out what it was.  *smiles*

And that won't be for over a week... Baby Quilt comes first.

Right, I am going to get outta bed and start my day, maybe in an hour... lol!  I love that I don't have to rush off to work early.


3.05 pm:  Whoops forgot to update when I got home.
So, this morning's job took 3 hours instead of 2, so I got home feeling a bit tired.

Sorted out what to do in the sewing room, then sat down for some lunch, and ummm... kinda had an impromptu nap.  lol

Teenager just arrived home from school.  Don't know why it bothered even going... didn't leave home till 10, and by 11 the school was texting me, then ringing me saying teenager wasn't at school.  *sigh*  

One day real life is gunna bite that one on the arse. Till then... I will just smile and wait. Absolutely no point worrying about it... cos no one thanks you for worrying, you just get it in the neck for 'not respecting them'.  Kids have 'rights' now days, didn't ya know?  

I've got cards tonight, so at some point I will have to sort out some dinner for the family.  Maybe some sausages and left overs.  Easy.

And just like that... I have a layout done!  Relieved... wasn't sure how it would come together using fabric supplied by the person who ordered the quilt.  But so far, so good!
Looking forward to pinning it up and getting some stitching done tomorrow.  EXCITING.

And now I'm going to go and put a touch of 'face' on and get myself off to cards.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Love the holiday time runners. Look forward to seeing all these finished items!

  2. Chris you are a gr8 sketcher, etc Love the template and once they are done, cant wait to have a Bo Peep at them

    Enjoy the rest of the day!!!! Wet n cool day for us ,,so having a later start than normal (smiles)

    1. LOL.. I traced them off the computer!

  3. those Kombi vans are going to be v v v popular, you could probably make placemats with a large Kombi on each? Christy xxxxx

  4. Have u locked yourself in sewing room chook

  5. I wish the people that tell kids they have rights would remember to tell them about the other side of the same coin ... responsibilities.

    1. *snort* and THAT is why I sit here and smile... and wait...

  6. Have fun! I told Trevor Freshman year I was done trying to assist him in getting his homework done. Told him it was up to him if he was going to sink or swim. He's did amazingly well this last semester (year and a half later). It's amazing what they can do when they want to.


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