Sunday, June 23, 2019


Today Stew, Brylee and I are heading off to Auckland for the day.

Thought, why not?  We can see Steve, Bex and the kids, and have a nice lunch out with them... perhaps do some shopping?  Though with all my potential income committed to dental bills for the next 5 months... something tells me I won't be buying anything.  Dammit.

My dream was to save up over this year and buy a little pop top camper, so Stew and I could go tripping around a bit over summer.  But that plan has been well and truly dashed now.

Life never goes as you would like eh?  Stew and I have never had any luck really... constantly tied down by kids/bills and so on.  The saying 'Our time will come' is laughable really.

So anyway... here's the first 'Holiday Time' Table Runner I finished yesterday:

ABOVE:  It's just a wee bit cute eh?  I plan on having at least 4 of these made before my next BIG market in October.  Right before summer.

Do we like it?  Tell me in the comments... while I go swanning off to Auckland.  *smiles*


2.20 PM.... safely in Auckland.  Had a nice lunch at St Luke's mall... then  Bex and I went to Spotlight.  There was a 40% off sale on fabric. 

 ABOVE: I DID get some fabric after all that. Some from Spotlight and some from Ribbon
N Rose.

Funny thing... we drove into the Ribbon and Rose carpark and I immediately saw 'P' from Cambridge! I clean her home on Tuesdays... and she's a fellow FBG'er. 

Then we get to St Luke's and start heading to the entrance, and bugger me... Steve n Bex drive past us looking for a park.  Creepy.  (we were meeting them there)

Now we are spending some time with the  kids before going home.

5.46 pm:  Getting home took a bit longer than usual due to the amount of traffic on the motorway... there was an 'incident' with a camper getting a flat tyre, so it took 20 minutes to get through what would normally have taken 5 minutes.  But, it's Auckland, what do ya expect?

Then there was quite a bit of traffic in various areas on the rest of the trip too.

I don't think I've seen quite so many rainbows in one day!  There were so many I lost count.
The weather was very changeable.  Lots of heavy showers here and there.

ABOVE: And some lovely and interesting cloud formations too.

Here's a few photos of the family up in Auckland:

ABOVE:  just happy snaps.  I've got a couple more which I'll put on tomorrow.

Stew has gone out to pick up Griffin from work, then we are having hot dogs and chips for dinner!  Not inclined to cook tonight.  *smiles*

10.25 pm:  Off to bed now... it's been a nice quiet evening. 


  1. I think it's great 😍

  2. YES loving the new runner, Christy

  3. Love it!! They will sell like hot cakes. And your day will come, sometimes it just takes longer xx

  4. Love it!! Very cute!

  5. The runner is adorable!

  6. Runner is cutetest thing

  7. Love the runner. Maybe some mountains in the background or sea and sand?
    Your day WILL come. Use that as the urge to get some money back from the feral dentist.

  8. Anonymous3:29 PM

    the runner is cute but I think it would better with a clear road or something for the cars to be on - it all just looks like it is floating

  9. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Love the cars but could you try one with palm trees or would they be too tricky with the leaves??

  10. Dange is getting more like Steve everyday tryig to get a good photo lovly one of Keera and Steve she is clearly happy in her new family...she is growing so fast

  11. Love the runner ,,Well done you..And the variety of pics of your day away, Stunning and memories to treasure with the family..

    They make up for lots of other things that we miss out on along the way ..

    Cloud formations are brill.

    the wee material pics the 2nd and 4th from the left top row jumped out at me as something fresh and colourful for a dull cloudy day like we sometimes get in winter, wherever we live..

    Loving your shopping goodies ..

    Enjoy your easy dinner and relax together before the working week starts .!!!


  12. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Awesome runner. Gorgeous pics of the kids. Keera looks so happy. Ģlad you had a wonderful day. Kj


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