Friday, June 28, 2019


The electric blanket went on our bed last night... so good!
We have another cracker jack frost this morning, it's -2 degrees if not colder.
Brrrrrr... glad I don't have to get outta bed yet. edit:  NO FROST!  I got up and flung open the curtains to find the forecast frost was a non event.  Weird, cos it's bloody freezing!

I thought I had a free morning.
But no.
I had forgotten I've got a one off job to do.

So, I shall be out for the morning working for a couple of hours.

When I get home I will do some sewing before heading off to work at the Rest Home at 3 pm.

And then again... I might do some housework... cos your phone has many uses... and one of them is to check out how many dust bunnies are under ya furniture:


That's a bit nasty.  The black thing is a cockroach bait station I think.  Stew will know, he put it there.

So housework or sewing, or both... either way I won't be idle.

AND... It's Friday, and I should be excited for the weekend right?  Nah.  I've got work (double shifts) both days.
Stew will get to watch sport all weekend long without having me give him dagger looks! lol

ABOVE:  Marley has a habit of dumping a toy or ball at your feet and waiting for you to throw it for her to fetch.  

IF you are dumb enough to start, she will keep bringing it back and expecting you to throw it... FOREVER.

So, she dumped her ball on my chair... and then looked at me expectantly.
She should have known better!  I NEVER throw anything for her.  NEVER.

Poor wee girl.  She gave up after about 30 minutes of staring at me.  *smiles*


Home from the morning job... which was a nice easy clean.
But every time I leave there I have wet socks... from washing floors, showers etc.  Now my feet are FROZEN.  And my hands.

Totally gunna sit and just warm up for a while now... and have lunch.  

I've been having porridge in the mornings before going to work lately but oh my, not so good when you are having to bend over heaps!
I felt like throwing up several times yesterday, so today I didn't have my lovely porridge.

As a consequence, now starving.  Funny how your body gets used to a change in diet so fast.  Normally I would never have breakfast, but I have so enjoyed the porridge this past week.

Right... home... got dinner in the oven (a pie), then Amanda and boyfriend Daniel arrived.
So now chatting, eating dinner and so on.

ABOVE:  Thank goodness!  Just one.  LOL

Work was good.  Got all me jobs done and had a good 10 minutes spare.  That's always good.

Right I better go and be sociable.  I'll have some photos tomorrow.



    Coco might like this

  2. Those eyes on her,,,, and she knows how to use them to make you feel guilty.. Love the fact that she still thinks she is in charge (smiles)

    Enjoy the rest of the day cos just realised its way past lunchtime there!!

    Spring bulbs out look like they are ready to flower in a couple of weeks

    Good one, love this time of year


  3. Think your good night photo looks like i imagine you felt tonight

  4. Thank goodness I'm not the only one with a mess of dust bunnies. Sometimes I get the grandkids to clean there. They're low down and can reach those bunnies way easier than me.

  5. I am not the cleanest, I will not take a picture lol


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