Tuesday, June 04, 2019


Today is it, the start of our NO SUGAR Challenge.

GET ON THE SCALES.   Write down ya number.  And then sit down and work out what you are going to eat... remember... no sugar, no takeaways, no white bread, sweets, cakes, bla bla bla!

I recommend salads, protein, fresh fruit and veges, almond meal 'bread' and so on.  It does take some planning, but it is DOABLE.

Oh.. you CAN have bread like Vogel and Burgen!  So a sandwich is NOT out of the question if you are struggling to think of options for lunch.

This is not impossible, and OMG you will certainly notice a difference in how you feel in just a few days.  And in TWO WEEKS?

Huge difference in mind clarity ... and on the scales.  Remember though, it is NOT all about the scales, but it helps.   *smiles*

ABOVE:  This is Sue.  She challenged me to do the NO SUGAR Challenge with her.  I have to thank her for such an awesome idea!  When a couple of others asked to join us on Facebook, I decided to open it up to everyone here and friends on Facebook too.  But it was SUE'S IDEA... SO THANK YOU SUE.

Hey another thing you can do:  measure yourself!  Bust, tummy and bum.  Let's see if there's much of a difference after two weeks eh?

I'm going to give a small prize to the person who loses the most weight.... maybe even a 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Yeah, that's an idea eh?

Now... today I have a house clean, which is a two hour job.  Then the rest of the day is mine.
I might spend some time this afternoon doing some meal planning for myself.


1.30 pm:  an excellent morning's work!  It is so neat going into a home and getting it all spic 'n' span again!  And to be appreciated and told what a difference you are making is so lovely.  'P' tells me all her visitors have noticed and think I do a good job.  *smiles*  Some have even gone home to get the polishing cloths out themselves.  Nice to know I inspire others to polish!

I'm now enjoying a sit down with a warm blankie on, cos OMG it's cold.  

***  yawn ***.... SITTING STILL ain't a good idea!   Ya fall asleep! ***

I had plans to do some sewing this afternoon, instead I have done nothing... jez I'm getting lazy!
I've put a big piece of pork belly in the oven for the family's dinner.  I will add some roast spuds soon too.  

I am going to the FBG Quiz night tonight at The Good George pub!  It's been ages since I've been, and I decided to go as I've not seen any FBG's in a couple of weeks.  Not since I got the cold from hell AND started working at the rest home.

Thank god the cold is now virtually gone.  Just got a residual cough, and even that is easing.  Yaaaa.

ABOVE: Dinner... got mixed veges on the side.  
And I'm not having mine till I get home from Quiz Night.

I hope tonight is fun, I'm feeling really down in the dumps right now... wondering why I even bother with social media, it brings more upset than joy sometimes.

Nervous about tomorrow too... SO NERVOUS I feel sick.  Dentist tomorrow afternoon.

Quiz night was nice... lovely to spend a couple of hours with friends that I've made via the FBG's.  Our team came 2nd, so won a $50 voucher, to be used at a later date.

Now... it's almost bedtime, got a shift at the rest home tomorrow morning, so I better get to bed soon.


  1. You go girl, so motivating and all your yes foods that you listed are such good choices, I love the fact that it is not low carb.

  2. I forgot to weigh in.... bugger. Tomorrow I'll do that!

  3. Weigh-in all done...now on to ACTION! Thank you Chris for organising us all and GOOD LUCK everyone :)

  4. Yes, A big thanks to you Chris for getting us all organised. My trouble zone is always the afternoon when I get the "cravings"...

    1. Mel I find having a later lunch helps stop those afternoon cravings. Same with dinner, have it later then you are less likely to cave in and eat rubbish before bed. You might find the later lunch difficult with your job though.

  5. a great challenge!!! it's good to have a final point to end as it doesn't seem like such a huge and daunting proscpect!!! Two weeks will be easyt (says she who would never agree to go sugar-less for that long!!!!!) Christy xxx

  6. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Day 1 done, I very nearly walked away at breakfast time because I just wanted toast and all we had is white bread so I ended up having fresh fruit, lunch my daughter brought a hot chook so I filled up on that. Tea is chicken bacon ranch bake with broccoli and baby spinach. Jo

  7. Yes, social media, so easy to be misunderstood, and hurt, it was better when we used to talk in person.

  8. Day one done and dusted yay roll on tomorrow. I think you would be better doing private cleans myself.

  9. And photograph catalogue some of your best selling sewing on the side to show the ladies of the houses.

  10. Good luck with the challenge. Hope the dentist goes smoothly. Take care.

  11. I made a few "better" decisions on day one! So, off to a good start! Dentists are soooo much better with scaredy cat patients these days. Just tell them how frightened you are and that they need to be super gentle!

  12. Good luck at the dentist!


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