Wednesday, June 05, 2019


So... no sugar is pretty easy right?  Come on... it is!

Therefore, I'm going to add in LOW CARB... FOR MYSELF ONLY... which excludes me from the Challenge 'end weigh in', as I will probably lose more by doing low carb/no sugar.

Everyone else who's doing it... just no sugar OK?  Unless you want to try low carb too?  If you go low carb/no sugar we can do a separate weigh in.

When you think about it, low carb just means no pies/pastries/white bread/takeaways/ and so on... so not much different to No Sugar anyway!

My Blogger friends doing the NO SUGAR CHALLENGE:

Karen J, Lorraine H, Michelle C, Fifi, Magpie, Dogstars, Local Alien (Linda), Mel G, Kittie444, AllyS, and Blondie.  My Cousins Janice and Julie are in on it too... I'm trying to get them over to the blog.

NERVOUS AS hell today.  I've got the dentist this afternoon.  God help me, I hope I don't shit myself with fright!

It's happened.  Yep.  *sigh*   Sitting on the loo for hours before my appointment is highly likely.

I've got work this morning till 1.30 pm, so that will hopefully distract me? 

I'm actually looking forward to work!  Now that I know what's expected of me, and I know my way around the place, it's not that bad.
It helped getting paid yesterday too!  I have the cash for my dental appointment, which is great!

Fear of the dentist is right up there, but so is fear of the bill!  OMG I can't say it often enough, along with MILLIONS of other people... Dentists charge like wounded bulls!  

There has been some talk by politicians that adult dental care should be free... yeah right!  That's never going to happen for anyone but beneficiaries ... and even they probably won't get it.  Far too expensive.

Right... better go and start the day.


2.20 pm:  home from work. Can't eat lunch, too nervous.  Stomach is churning.  Hate this so much.

Work was good.  No problems there now.  Long may it last.

4.20 pm: Only just managed to not cry at the dentists!  It was JUST an examination today... thank god.  
The diagnosis?

All three teeth that got 'fixed' last year are NOT FIXED at all, and I have to have them all done again!  That means two root canals and one big filling... which MAY turn into a root canal too!!!

OMG I am so ropable right now!  I just knew they were not fixed.  That's $3,500 down the bloody drain.

My next appointment, to start the work is on June 20th.  I'm feeling OK about that, not quite as nervous as I was 2 hours ago.

Just had breakfast/lunch too!  I was starving!!!
I had chicken steaks and cheese. The teenager just had some too.  Brylee is at work till 8 pm.

Now I've got chicken fillets defrosting for a late dinner for everyone.  

Darling, if you are hungry, have a snack now!

Nice quiet evening, watched TV and bugger all else!  Cooked Chicken on rice for dinner.

Time to head off to bed... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Good luck at the Dentist, I know you are terrified, but you will be ok, if I was able to, I would go with you, would you be able to take something to calm you, how do I get onto the blog

  2. My biggest fear is the dental bill too! So today I am off to a good start. Morning tea I grabbed a mandarin when the big plate of biscuits were on off (my favourites too, Belgium cremes). Lunch is planned and dinner too. lots of veges with tuna for lunch I have some new ones that are tasty: Tuna with coconut milk and lemon grass. Dinner is chicken and veges.

  3. Gr8 things for all of you doing the challenge.. Will be good to see the results no matter,,, whether its lots or little,, Every bit helps us..

    Probably you have been to the dentist by Now Chris. Hope all went well ??

    For other visits I Wonder if something calming like travacalm from over the counter at the chemist would help?? Of course your DR would be able to advise you as you are other medications pays to check ..

    That fear is so real to us who suffer from it..know what you are going through ,so have empathy for you..

    Glad your day at work was positive and you enjoyed your night last night with FBG crew. Lots of positives to hold on to


  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Hope you aren't paying the dentist more because if the teeth were never fixed properly, they should be repairing them for free, no matter how long since they were done!

    1. I went to a different dentist as I had NO confidence in the one who 'fixed' them a year ago! I am going to try and get a refund from the dentist who botched the job last year though.

  5. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Dentists are so freaking expensive, I’ve had 3 capped teeth, 1 cap was redone last year when the front cap fell off that’s thousands each tooth, when I worked in the pharmacy 3 years ago I saw so many older folk with terribly painful mouths because they didn’t or couldn’t look after their teeth and what they ate had to be soft, I’m doing all I can not to have that particular problem even if it’s so I can eat food I love. Jo

  6. I would be beyond furious - that is absolutely dreadful that you need that done again so soon. Perhaps small claims tribunal or something? There must be some place to complain, unbelievable. I know for my upcoming root canals I am being sent to a top specialist who only does this work, not a standard dentist. At least I'll know it will be done right thank goodness.

  7. I gave up sugar and bread and lost about 15% of my body weight, I didn't split hairs on the sugar, I just gave up candy and cake and cookies. And sodas. (Diet Coke is OK, in fact, it ROCKS!) On the quitting bread, I just switched to flatbread. Lavash Bread is really good, and corn tortillas.
    I wish you success!


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