Thursday, June 20, 2019



I have the dentist at 8.30 am this morning.  With NO SEDATION.

Straight after that I have a house to clean.

So... I won't be home again till after 12.

Think of me.  

Yeah, that's me.

Hi!  It's now 4 hours later, and I survived!
In fact, the anticipation of pain is what scares me the most, and of course, the needles.

But, Neil (my lovely dentist), put some numbing cream on my gum before the needle, so it didn't hurt as bad.

And I held it together and didn't throw up on him!

I did throw up at home BEFORE leaving, twice.  IKKKk.

And when I saw the OVERALL expected account balance, I almost threw up again!  $4,130.00.

So, this work is going to take a few months to get done, as I can't afford to pay that much all in one go, that's for sure!

I'm booking my next appointment for next week... two teeth that need replacement fillings, they are hurting whenever I eat.

I am going to email the dentist from last year and talk about some sort of refund.  Somehow I doubt he will be happy to even 'talk turkey'.

After I'd finished at the dentist I went straight to my morning job.  Two hours later and I'm home and ready for lunch.
Then at 3 I head off to the Rest Home to do a Laundry Shift.  Thank god it's not a Cleaning Shift... I'm already knackered.  The Laundry Shift is not so arduous. 

I forgot to tell you!  Yesterday was a:

ABOVE:  Two Bare Bums Day!

I wonder if I will get to witness any today?  lol

Half an hour till I have to leave for my shift, and I'm in so much pain!

The numbness has worn off. And OUCH... the entire right side of my face hurts.

My Temporomandibular joint cracked twice while I was having my tooth done this morning, and boy, do I know about it now! (google it, I don't have time to explain).

And of course, as the dentist warned me, the tooth I had fixed today will probably ache a bit for the next few days too.

Oh yaaa... more pain. God I'm so over this already. It really drags you down.

YES, I've taken some painkillers. Fingers crossed they kick in quickly.

6.40 pm:  Well the bloody painkillers didn't kick in till I got home from work! Typical.
Now I only have pain at the injection site.  


ABOVE: It was a no bare bum day!  Yaaa.

I've cooked a lovely beef curry in the crock pot for dinner, it's been simmering all day.
Stew is so disappointed, I served it up with mashed potatoes, not rice.  Sorry Darling.

So... dinner was REALLY LOVELY!   I made the curry a bit hotter than I would usually, but it really did go down well.
Even Stew liked it.

And I'm really struggling to stay awake!  Stressful day, so going to bed early. 
Another long day tomorrow.


  1. Brave girl!!! Not only a nightmare appointment but instead of going to home to wallow in your misery you are going on to work!!
    I sincerely hope all goes well. Thinking of you and awaiting next report!

  2. By now you'll be thru the other side. Hope it went well 💛

  3. I know you have done this by now. You did it and you survived. Remember that fir next time.

  4. I know the feeling... it's me before a flight. Hoping it all went well, Christy xxxxxxxx

  5. Hope it all went well and your fears exceeded reality.

  6. I feel sorry for the dentist.You will cope,like Brylee has to.May ring later

  7. Make sure to get a report from your current dentist re what needs to be done.

  8. Glad you got thru dentist appointment yeah id be contacting the other dentist but probably wouldn't be as polite as you will be

  9. Dang girl you went from 1-100 on the busy meter. Dental work is so expensive. I'm glad you made it through today!

  10. Yep my two teeth are also costing around $4,500 - crazy!! Make sure you quote the Consumer Guarantee Act" to the old dentist. That states that a service must be fit for purpose and clearly your last dental job was not fit for purpose. Maybe go and see citizen's advice bureau as well - it's outrageous that you need this done again.

  11. I cooked choc self sauce pudding in slow cooker today...never used it for pudding before its yum yum

  12. Good to hear the dentist appointment went well. Hope you feel pain free soon.


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