Friday, June 14, 2019


I went to bed early (for me) last night.
And OMG I slept like a log... comatose almost.

I was so tired after yesterday's double jobs.

Today won't be anywhere near as busy, thank god.

The teenage girls and I are heading into Hamilton to do the grocery shopping.

We do need quite a bit of food etc, so it will be lovely to have the girls helping me with it all.

I have a short shift at the rest home at 3 pm, and it does not involve much cleaning/scrubbing/mopping thankfully.
It's in the laundry, folding washing, putting it away in resident's rooms/drawers etc.  So not a hard job today.  I like 'laundry' duty!

My hands were so itchy last night!  I wear gloves at the rest home when doing cleaning, but at my private job I didn't bother.  Mistake right there!  My hands were not happy with me after all that cleaning.  Hindsight... wear gloves!

And now... I might just roll over and get a few more Zzzzz's... I have no intention of getting on the road with all the other crazy people at this time of the day!

We have Field Days on right now and the roads around here are super busy.  To date, I have NEVER been to a Field Days event.  I would like to one day... but doubt it will be this year.

So anyway... I will just stay in bed till the roads are likely to be less busy.


Sore hips today! First thing I've done since getting outta bed? Take 2 Panadol.  Now to rouse the kids... though as it's only 8.30 am might wait half an hour *smiles*.

Omg just got home from grocery shopping with  enough time to get changed and get to work.

I'll  be back later.  Gotta rush...

7.07 pm:   Finally home, fed the family and now?  RELAXING.

The girls and I got into Hamilton around 10 am, and I dropped them off at the mall... they didn't want to go grocery shopping. *sigh*

I then went looking for a new clothes dryer first, cos I looked at the local Laundromat's prices and decided $12 a load to dry our clothes was too much!

So, I looked at a few at Harvey Norman's, then I went over to Noel Leemings, whose prices were better.

I had a conversation with the salesman, it went like this:

Salesman:  "Can I help you with anything?"

ME:  "Yes, I need a new clothes dryer, mine just died and I'm really cross about that!"

Salesman:  "Oh I'm sorry to hear that, was it very old?"

ME:  "It was only 34 years old."

Salesman:  (Face looked incredulous!) "Oh WOW, I'm not even 34 years old, that's amazing."

ME:  "Yes it is!  But now I have to get a new one, so ya better show me what ya got."

And he did.  And Stew is going into town tomorrow to buy the one I've chosen.
It was an easy pick, I just tried to get the best one for the best price.  NOT super cheap, NOT super expensive.  Middle of the road every time.

After that I did the grocery shopping, picked up the girls and got home JUST IN TIME for me to head off to work.

So that was me day.  

And clearly it was QUIET on here... not feeling the love peeps.  But I know you are all super busy with ya lives too.  *smiles*

Catch ya tomorrow, when I will be out working all day, so another quiet day no doubt.


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Don't the kids have school today? Audrey

    1. Teacher ONLY Day today.

    2. Anonymous9:46 PM

      They seem to come round so quickly these days. So hard to get kids to do anything THEY don't want to do. Audrey

  2. Sore hip girl id be crippled if i had a day like you did yesterday you is a fit chick xx getting the teens to do the groceries good move

  3. Gr8 when you have teens to shop with they are great runners to other aisles and the job is done extra quick

    Hope you get an "ëarly" again tonight well say 9pm (smiles) and have a good sleep, like last night

    Makes us bright n happy faces in the morning after the sun comes up !!

    Enjoy the weekend


    1. Pffffft... the little buggers went 'girly' shopping instead. I had to do it all on me own.

  4. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Guaranteed today's dryers won't last as long as your old one!34 years must be a record! What brand is it?

    1. It was a Hoover, which does not have such a good reputation now days apparently.


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