Monday, June 17, 2019


So, here's a little story about something that happened yesterday:

I've been working at the rest home for exactly a month now.

There are many residents, and almost all of them are just LOVELY.

When I go into a resident's room, I always say "Good Morning or Good Afternoon" and most of the residents say  'Hello Chris",  "Thank You Chris", or engage me in a quick conversation. 

In the past month, there is this one lady who has never said a word to me, NOT ONE WORD.  UNTIL yesterday.

She had visitors in her room, quite a few in fact.  And bugger me if she didn't look at me and say "Oh thank you so much Chris" when I took in her washing!!!!

I looked at her like "WTF?"... you totally ignore me for a month, and only acknowledge me when you have visitors?  WHAT A TWO FACED OLD BITCH BIDDY.

I thought she might have been deaf, or senile or something.  Now I know better.  Now I know she's just not a nice person. 

ABOVE:  I swear to god, that's how she looks at me,  EVERY TIME I go into her room, EXCEPT yesterday.

So that was my little story.  I'm sure there will be more.  *smiles*

Today I will be doing my own housework.  Stew got the brown couch out of the family room yesterday and put it in the garage, so now I have to tidy the garage a bit... shuffle a few things around.  

Stew put a blue plastic tarp over the brown couch in the garage, to protect if from the dogs getting on it.  And the little buggers managed to uncover the seat part and sit on the couch fabric.  So I've put 'stuff' on the couch so they simply can't get on it.  
Only solution, cos those dogs are far too clever for their own good.

I've just tidied up the garage, so that's my 'main' mission for the day completed.

Just waiting for Lacy to arrive now to do my hair.  It's looking WAY DARKER than I anticipated.  Photos later.  

I am hoping the clothes dryer arrives today.  I'm gunna ring the shop and see if they can actually deliver it to our home instead of the shop here in Cambridge.  

As it's a sensor dryer, it can't go in the garage, so I've made a space for it in one of the sewing rooms.  I have missed having a dryer this past week ... I didn't realise how often I do use the dryer.  Mostly for airing stuff off the line over winter, not just drying washing straight out of the washing machine.  So, it's gunna be awesome to have one again.  I just hope it's not too complicated to run, it certainly has more whistles and bells than my old one.

Right... now I am gunna roll over and read the news in bed, and get up a bit later on.


So I rang Noel Leeming bang on 9 this morning to see if they could drop the dryer off at our house, they literally have to drive past our street to take it to the shop.  And yes, they can, but I will be charged a delivery fee of.... 

$89 !

So of course I said "No thanks".  We will pick it up from the shop.  That won't cost us a cent.

Crazy.  $89 and they are driving past our street to take it to the shop, which is further for them.  

I have dye on my head.  Going to dark blonde.  Hope I don't go green, or copper, or ???

Lacy arrived, and saw my wet  hair.  And went ON AND ON about how disgusting it looked, how it was GREEN, how I looked like I had 'old lady hair', and in general said it was awful.  Then she dried it and decided it wasn't 'THAT BAD'...

ABOVE:  It's actually a bit lighter than I wanted!  But close enough to my 'natural' hair colour ... so hopefully when I get regrowth it won't show up too much, and I can slowly just go natural.  
I'm sick to death of dying my hair. 

Though, if too much grey shows up... I might just change my mind.  lol

Well it's now 7.35 pm and I'm knackered.  My batteries just DIED around dinner time.  So I have fed the family, and am going to head off to bed early tonight.  This week I have the next 4 days at work, with three 'doubles' in a row (Wed, Thur & Fri)... so I hope to get a decent sleep tonight.  Doesn't help that my back is sore and I have a nasty headache.


  1. I don't understand why it can't go in the garage??? It seems like it should live with the washer... Hmmm....

    1. Read up on how Sensor driers work, that should explain it.

    2. Our sensor dryer is out our back door.

  2. Haha, love the old lady, she has to be nice in front of her visitors otherwise no one would come & see her lol.from now on, every time you drop her stuff off, even if she doesn't say anything, just smile at her & cheerily say "you're welcome love" and leave the room. She will either soften her or annoy the crap out of her - either way a win for you.

    I like the hair colour, you look younger :-).

  3. Lacy Harvey1:11 PM

    hay lol in my defence, I was just being a bit silly about it, I wasn't trying to be mean Ma sorry, I just just being the normal silly me 😂 your hair looks really nice 💜

  4. Just 2 Things to say to you today.

    1, Your hair looks fabulous that colour.
    2. Lacy you did a fabulous job of drying , not an easy job with that length but looks fab


    1. Lacy Harvey2:01 PM

      oh sorry Kiwionholiday I didn't dye it, Ma did that, I only dried it and straightened it

  5. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I love your hair colour. I cant wait to go gray but its just not happening. Kj

  6. Lacy Yes I got that (smiles) and your Mum did a brill job with the colours,
    but with hair that length,,, and drying and straightening it.... Thats Kudos to you as well

    Not an easy job

    Gr8 team effort ..

    Cheers!!! .
    PS I have gone from very very dark (nearly black) natural,,, to slowly lighter,,by foils ,, and its a stage by stage process .!!

    But all fun at the end of the day

  7. Love the colour, it is so much softer and makes you look 10 years younger :)

  8. The color looks just great. Really natural!

  9. I keep saying I’m going to let mine go gray but I keep pulling out these weird ones around my face that just stick out lol


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