Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Well I made a start on two more Wonky House Runners yesterday, got to this point then decided I was too tired to do more:

ABOVE:  The top one needs it'S fencing... after that they are both 75% done.

I have to go into Hamilton this morning for more black fabric for the backing and binding.  I can't believe how fast I go through backing/binding fabrics.  *sigh*
Where's the Fabric Godmother when ya need her?

I'm going to be looking at new sneakers or Skechers too, my old sneakers are literally falling apart at the seams!

And that's me for now... off to Hamilton. Heaps to do... to do...


OMgosh I've had an excellent morning shopping!

I finally found a waterproof bag for my phone, so now I can walk in the rain or kayak and the phone will be safe.

 ABOVE:  I got it from Torpedo7, where we got the kayaks. SEATOSUMMIT gear is pretty fantastic!

 ABOVE:  I also got another wet bag, they are so darn handy.  This one is smaller than our 35 litre blue one.

The kayak seats we bought were so difficult to work out in relation to how they fitted on the kayaks, we didn't use them last weekend at all!
So I took them back to find out how they fitted, and ended up swapping them out for the more expensive, more padded ones!

 ABOVE:  We had three seats, and the 'normal' price difference was $20 per seat, but they gave them to me for $6, (per seat) difference!
SCORE!  I saved $42.

 ABOVE:  AND... the fabric I wanted was on sale too!  Talk about a good day for savings.

ABOVE: Finally, I got some plain white card to make my own price tags.  That will be done some other day, cos for now it's chill out, eat lunch and watch Home and Away!  lol

9.31 pm:  And it's been a long, hot, muggy afternoon and evening.  We've had a bit of rain the past few days, hence now we live in a sauna.
So draining.  Everyone is feeling it.
I am crabby as f*#k.

Cards tonight.  Nice to get out and yak with girlfriends.  End crap. Have a few laughs.

Home now and time for bed soon hopefully.


  1. I'm in the UK so looking forward to our weather warming up as we go into spring.

    I love the wonky house runners Chris. I have made a few patchwork quilts but admire your inventiveness.

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    have a good day :) ps how are Kelly's eyebrows? Bee - Gold Coast

  3. You will be happy with your scores today Chris.
    What a fab shop to give you that discount.
    Kudos to them and you will be return customers and also recco others to go there ..Love the fabric too

    all colourful for autumn days ahead

    Hope Brylee and Griffins jobs going good ..


  4. Anonymous11:59 PM

    You got some good bargains today


  5. The eyebrows look painful! I have a whole bunch of those waterproof bags, except I call them drybags instead of wetbags!


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