Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Last night was my first walk in a week... and I only did a half walk.  So 2.5 kms.  I felt fine after it, there was a bit of a twinge in me butt... but I'm hoping it's OK today?

I'm still in bed, about to get up and test out how I feel.  CROSSING ME FINGERS on that score.

I will be gutted if my 'pain in the arse' is back!

On another note, I'm going into Hamilton today (all going well) to get a few groceries Stew missed on Saturday, and I've got a little list of other things to get/do too.

Then I can come home and get on with my sewing.

I've decided to make 'Wonky House' placemats too... I can't keep doing the dog placemats as the fabric has dried up.  I will enjoy doing the wonky house ones, *smiles*.

ABOVE:  Yep, let's get used to 'walk photos' again!  lol
This was last night's group photo.  Jacqui came walking too, she stands out as the only one in RED. *SMILES*

And that's all for now... come back later and see if I can stand up and walk!


Well after stressing about it all night, I'm relieved to say... my butt is fine! Done with that shit now! YES.

I'm now in Hamilton getting a few things, then heading home to sew. 

Trip to Hamilton went well... I got all I wanted.
Came home, fed me face then got sewing.

ABOVE: My 2nd Wonky House Runner, in this style.
Not so sure now on the brown 'hills'... I've got one more like this to finish then I will reconsider the hills.  *smiles*

ABOVE: And there's the next one.  And now I can have a go at making a few placemats like this too.

And that's me done for the day... well for now maybe.  Stew, Jacqui, Griffin and I are off to dinner at the local Indian place that we love.

I have almost finished making a placemat, so should be able to show you it tomorrow.

OMG... so full!  Butter Chicken, Naan bread, followed by an ice cream thingee from McDonalds!

Evil dinner.  But so nice. Thanks Jacqui, much appreciated.


  1. Good turn out for your walk so glad ya bum was ok when u got up

  2. lovely turn out for your walk,, so glad you are on the mend now.

    and now the month is wearing on,, cooler weather will be a great incentive for us here as well for fitness again ..(smiles) Having a few days away so will catchup when we get home .

    Take care till then and have a great weekend with the family this weekend as we will with our meetups (smiles)

  3. Loving the wonky houses 😊


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