Sunday, March 24, 2019


Well... maybe NOT bed rest, but certainly this:

ABOVE:  Yep.  I'm going to do bugger all today.

Stew is off to do some grocery shopping, cos we have got very little food in the house.

And I might send him out to look at shelving for the sewing room.  I want to add a shelving unit for my scrap fabric boxes.  
I'm sick of having to get them off the top shelf and have them on the floor so I can find bits for me projects.

There is just NO room to move in there right now:

ABOVE:  It's like a bomb went off in there!  It probably doesn't look that bad to you, but believe me, it's a bloody mess.

I still haven't finished the two Wonky House Runners either.  But, they can wait till sometime this coming week.

Right, I'm off to roll over and continue doing NOTHING!  lol


Well lying in bed is NOT good for my back!  So I'm sitting in the family room, going through maps for the FBG group.  Checking the maps correlate with the instructions, then plotting the distance so they are not too long or short.  
So, I'm being productive.

I will be fluffing around in the sewing room, just a little bit. Don't get cross!  I simply CAN'T do nothing all day!

Well... once Stew got home with the groceries, I persuaded him to go to Bunnings and Mitre 10 to look at shelving.
I went with him.  OF COURSE I DID! I couldn't choose shelving on me bum at home could I?

And we found what I needed, bought it and came home.

 ABOVE:  And now, instead of being on his bum watching sport on TV, like he desperately wants, he's on his bum building shelves for me.
I love him, I really, really do.

ABOVE:  Some of the boxes of fabrics, now deposited in the lounge for now.  I am gunna have fun tomorrow sorting it all out and putting it on the new shelves.  *smiles*

*snort* ... like I was gunna wait till tomorrow!
It's done. Stew have the shelves made in quick smart time, what a man.  

We have visitors tonight, Jacqui and Joel.  Joel is participating in the Maadi Cup here in Cambridge, representing his school.  
We got spoilt tonight, Jacqui cooked our dinner.

ABOVE:  Our dinner tonight was a pasta dish with smoked chicken, sundried tomatoes, baked pumpkin, bacon and cheese.  It was LOVELY!
And I ain't eaten pumpkin since I was a toddler, cos it made me throw up!
I still think it's a bit ikkk on it's own, but it was OK in this dish, and I have not thrown up!  Awesome.

And that is a wrap for the day. Health wise,  everything is improving, aches and pains are going, head is clearer, nausea is almost all gone... back to normal pretty much.  Thank god.


  1. Good to hear u r gonna rest...a very colorful bomb

  2. Kiwionholidays10:58 AM

    Good for you a quiet resty day

  3. Sounds like the best is rest for you after the horrid few days you've had. How lucky are you to have a Stew. Hugs for you Chris

  4. Soooooo glad you are feeling better. The only thing we really have is our health!!!!! Christy x

  5. Pasta looks scrummy

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better! I have fabric everywhere lol


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