Saturday, March 16, 2019


49 Innocent people lost their lives yesterday in an unprecedented terrorist attack in our country.

I feel shocked that such a dreadful thing happened right here in our beautiful country.
That some madmen could come here and decide to direct their hatred towards totally innocent people, to gun them down in cold blood for being???  Themselves?  For believing in a religion that is different to theirs?
How could they?  

I hope they lock the bastards up and throw away the keys... FOREVER.  

It's going to be a very long time before we forget this tragic event.

I stayed up quite late last night, sewing, trying to keep my mind off the victims gunned down in Christchurch yesterday.
It kinda worked.

I made this:

ABOVE:  The lighting was shit, and I pinned it to a blind... so it's not hanging right either.  But ya get the drift.  It's much smaller than my previous House Table Runners.  I like it.

Now, today.
I believe we are going to christen our kayaks.
Up the river on Lake Karapiro, but not where the rowing takes place.  It's a much quieter area where we are going.
Hopefully we have no problems and actually have fun.  Both Brylee and Griffin will be coming I think.  Neither has work and have expressed an interest in kayaking.
I know I'm looking forward to it.  *smiles*

And that's about all for now... will catch ya later.


11.55 am:  And we are still at home!
We all slept in.
Like ... really, really slept in.

So, I looked at that photo (above), of the wonky house runner and thought, "What the Hell?"

Clearly I was tired and not thinking straight, cos it was certainly NOT straight... and hell, don't take photos at 12.30 at night!

First thing I did this morning was cut off that binding and re-do it... with basic black.  

ABOVE:  THAT looks way, way better!

We are now preparing to head out kayaking.  This is gunna be fun.

6.10 pm:  Home.  Exhausted!
But it was so lovely.
We went down by the Horahora bridge and kayaked down river a way, under the bridge then back again.  There were heaps of boats/kayaks and jetskis there, so we decided to pack up and go up river more,  to the Little Waipa Reserve.

It was much nicer there.

I did take photos, but am going to show them to you tomorrow, cos I'm buggered.  And well..

... looks like April the giraffe is gunna have her calf soon, and I NEED to be watching! lol

Stew has packed the car in readiness for tomorrow's market... so now it's time to just relax!  I think I will fall asleep instantly tonight!  Kayaking is tiring!

Well the giraffe changed her mind, for now.  No baby giraffe today.  I'm off to bed shortly... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. The tragedy in your country has been on all the news stations here in the US. Unfortunately we experience mass shootings far too often in this country and it's horrifying that it now happens all over the world. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, especially the families and friends of those who died.

  2. I certainly hope Brylee and Griffin go kayaking! It will be lovely and fun! Take pictures (that's a stupid suggestion - of course you will!)

  3. Dreadful thoughts are with all of the families.

    Love your table runner.

  4. Enjoy your kayaking lovly time with your family...I did noot sleep last night I kept thinking of the horror of the day.

  5. Have fun! I hope the kids behave :)

  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I am sorry that it was an Australian who did it 😢

  7. I love the revised wonky house runner. Hope you have fun kayaking.

  8. Love the runner...very groovy 😗

  9. Sleep well and hope tomorrow market is profitable

  10. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Love the little houses! glad you got the kayak's out!


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