Saturday, March 09, 2019



The weather is looking a bit 'iffy' this morning.  According to the weather forecast, we MIGHT NOT get showers?   It might just be cloudy.  Ya just can't trust those friggin forecasters!

I really don't know if I will be going to the market or not yet.


I am going to give it half an hour or so before making up my mind.  Shame cos it means I actually have to get outta bed and get moving, JUST in case I do go.

We packed the car last night, so we ARE ready to go.

I finished the first House Table Runner done a 'different' way yesterday afternoon:

ABOVE:  Luckily I wasn't going for perfect looking houses!  There's some fairly wonky windows in that lot!  (STOP looking at them!) Focus on the tree, it's gorgeous.  lol

Right, I'm off to stare at the sky and try to make up my mind if it's worth risking it...


6.55 am:  And it's finally light enough to see the sky... sorta.  We  have a pea souper of a fog out there, but it looks like the rain clouds have cleared.   So... we are heading off to market in 5 minutes.  Might take me warm Ugg Boots... 

 ABOVE: All ready ...

 ABOVE: Stew looking pretty relaxed there.

ABOVE: Before everyone set up....

And its looking like a bust of a market today. VERY few punters out n about. I've spent more money than I've made.

I got something totally unnecessary for the garden. I'm just a bit bad.

2.30 and sadly, home with no money in the coffers.  It was dreadfully slow, and it was like that for EVERY VENDOR, not just me.

So, at least now for the winter months I'm only doing the local market down here in Cambridge.
And I might not do every single one of them either... we will see.

Steve is on his way down to build the kayak 'frame' for the trailer, then we can go kayaking!
Maybe even tomorrow?  But let's see how it goes, he might find it takes longer than he thinks to build it.

Stew has taken Griffin and a mate into Hamilton for shoe shopping, that darn boy goes through shoes about every three months.  *sigh*

And they are back, and it's raining... glad it didn't do that earlier.
We were opposite a lady who was selling crochet'd things at the market today.  She kept us entertained with her antics.
I am sure she had OCD.  She took FOUR HOURS  to set up her stall!!! FOUR HOURS... so from 8 - 12 noon.  And the market ran from 8-1 pm.
It was highly entertaining watching her re-arrange everything, not that she actually got everything out of her boxes till 12!  She spent hours moving stuff from here, to there, and then there.... SO ENTERTAINING.   I'm not bagging someone who obviously had OCD... I'm just saying it helped us pass the time seeing how many different places she could move things to!  

Steve and family are here for tonight/tomorrow.  Steve is cooking dinner!  Awesome.  

8.50 pm:  Dinner was lovely, always is when ya don't have to cook it.
Winding down for the evening.  I think we are going to play cards?  Not sure I will be... I'm so tired!  I woke at 5.20 am this morning and didn't get any sleep after that.


  1. There are NO wonky windows on that table runner. It is darling. The whole thing is WONKY in a WONDERFUL WAY!

  2. That table runner is gorgeous!! Pouring rain here 😃...quite nice while in bed

  3. Hope u have a great market day

  4. Hope you have a profitable day. Love the new table runner

  5. Oops. You need to TRADE with the other vendors! That's totally FUN! Sorry the market was a bust, I HATE that!

  6. I wish I could have been at your market.....I would have bought a table runner.

  7. My market on Saturday was super slow too and it rained blah. The lady next to me was so unorganized I was like by the time she gets set up it will be time to go home lol.


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