Friday, March 08, 2019


Last night we were having a lovely time... us three 'girls' were having a laugh a minute.
Then it got a bit hot, so Chris D and Sandra got out their little fans... so I got mine too (forgot I had one even!), and we got a few photos of us three with our fans... and a teeny little video too:

ABOVE: Us silly tarts and our fans.  "Show Us Your Fans"... sounded just a wee bit dirty according to Stew!

ABOVE: a still too!  lol   

Shortly after this we had a bit of an upset with Chris D.  She had arranged for a girl to house/dog sit her two dogs... and at about 8 pm she had not turned up at Chris's home to feed and look after the dogs.
Chris had a melt down and was talking about catching a bus back to Palmerston North last night!
But thankfully, they managed to track down the house sitter and found out she was on her way around to Chris's home as they spoke.  So panic stations over, thank  goodness!

I have to show ya our new tow bar!  I KNOW IT'S ONLY A BLOODY TOW BAR...  but still:

ABOVE:  Isn't it flash?  It's got a rubber guard on it ... so it won't hurt so much when ya walk into it!  Nice one.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO COCO... she  is 9 years old today!   And if my Dad was alive, he would be 85 today!

Now:  Jacqui complained that she wasn't on the blog, so here she is:

ABOVE: There ya go ya tart... One BFF giving another BFF a hug!  Nice photo.

So first up for today, I'm taking the new trailer down to VTNZ for it's Rego and WOF.  After that I'm going into Hamilton to watch Sandra doing her marching.

And that is all for now... catch ya later.


*** Yaaaa... visitors have left and I can get on with my sewing ***

Much as I loved seeing the girls... *smiles*  Have a lovely day Sandra and Chris.

Heavy rain is forecast for today, and showers tomorrow.  We are finally getting a bit of rain!
But, if it's raining tomorrow I will be pulling out of the market sadly.

YES I know I have a gazebo, but setting up in the rain, yeah nah.  And it would mean way less people would come out to it too.   So... we will see tomorrow morning how it's looking.

I've been sewing most of the morning/afternoon, got that House Table Runner finished.  Will show you tomorrow.

For now... I'm gunna take some time out.  My back is hurting... a hot wheat bag is a good idea me thinks.

8 pm:  Back is still hurting, dammit.  Got wheat bags heating up again.
Dinner tonight was takeaways.  I couldn't be arsed cooking.

Jacqui and Joel are here tonight.  Joel is doing really well with his rowing... his first year rowing, and he will be going to Maadi Cup this year!
The Maadi Cup is the National Rowing Championships for Schools here in New Zealand.  It is the biggest rowing Regatta in NZ.

And that's a rap for today.  Time to sign off, put me feet up and just relax.


  1. Sounds like fun times with your visitors. The little video clip was cute! One of my work colleagues is heading to Hamilton for the marching today too.

  2. Love the little video clip..

  3. Back pain sucks do u have a good chair at your sewing desk heat pack sounds like good idea how is the weather holding up

    1. I have an excellent sewing room chair thankfully. I think the back pain is caused by tension, stress etc, not sewing. But I have been wrong before! lol. It's raining here, not too heavy, just a good, steady rain. Perfect for the gardens/lawns.

  4. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Wow Chris, you can really see the weight loss in your face in the photos today, can you send some motivation my way :) Kindest, Heather

    1. LOL... Heather I've gained 6 kilos over summer !!!!! But I do hope to get back on track soon... just as soon as life gets less stressful.


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