Thursday, March 07, 2019


First thing this morning Stew takes his car to 'Designer Bars' in Te Rapa, where it will be fitted with a tow bar and electrics for the trailer.  He is being given a courtesy car for the whole day too... pretty good service eh?

As for me... I'm off to the supermarket for a few supplies.  We have visitors for the next few days, so I need to get some stuff.  I'm making me 'famous' Teriyaki Chicken tonight... my mouth is already watering just thinking about it!

Now, cos I can ... here's a photo of the three little Tree runners I got made these last couple of days:

ABOVE: I am really happy with them all!  So cute. I hope they sell well cos I really enjoyed making them.

ABOVE:  And yeah... although you have seen plenty of the bigger ones... here's the one I made yesterday too! 

Once I get home from the supermarket I will be making the marinade for the chicken and getting it in the fridge.
Then I can move on to sorting out beds/bedding and so on.  The Palmy girls are due mid afternoon... I seriously can't wait!
Although I've been away from Palmerston North for over 10 years, I still love those girls to bits.  They are like me sisters.... doesn't matter how far apart we are, we got that bond.
BFF's for sure.


11.05 am:  And I now have the cleanest hands ever.  Spent the last hour or so cleaning the family bathroom.
Now all I have to do is STOP Griffin from using it while we have visitors!  Cos seriously, he's .... a boy.

Can't say much for Brylee either... she is the one who's supposed to clean the shower and sink, bench top.  Yeah... nah.  I just spent an hour doing it PROPERLY.  

Lacy just called in to borrow a mattress... seems sleeping on a couch ain't the best way to get a good night's sleep!  

And I'm taking a well deserved break from housework.  I've got washing on, washing drying, washing to be folded and put away, WASHING.  WASHING. WASHING.

OMG how did women manage before we got our lovely big, automatic washing machines???

I can remember when my Mum used an old wringer washing machine:

ABOVE:  It looked similar to this, and you had to physically fill it with water from the tap from memory (usually with a hose), then it did agitate by itself.  But then you had to wring the water out through the wringer by hand! 

My Mum held out getting an automatic washing machine for years too!  Crazy woman.

BUT anyway... time to sit still and do nothing... for a little while.

Doing nothing didn't last long.  *sigh*
I decided to start another House Table Runner... only this time I have laid it out just like a tree table runner.... so it's easier to use/display etc.

ABOVE:  See.. it will have straight edges (on the top) instead of being the shape of the houses roofs.  Maybe not as funky, but way easier for me.
This one is a work in progress...  Might get it done in time for the Saturday market... we will see.

Well our visitors arrived, and I've fed them and now we are yakking and having a few laughs.

Fed them... whoops on that one!!!   I totally forgot that Chris D does NOT eat chicken... not at all!
So I had to quickly make her Teriyaki Bacon instead!  Not too sure how that would have tasted!  But she ate it and is still smiling!

My bad.

Signing off for the day now... got more yakking to do.


  1. Nice to know you still get lots of visitors.. and keep in touch with friends from a far.

  2. Love them all, great job!

  3. I had a wringer washing machine for about four years or so when I first got married - even had it for my first baby. The place we lived in couldn't have an automatic so no choice. One way our parents got around doing washing that way was to not wash as often ie towels would get a few uses, sheets were taken from the top and put on the bottom and a clean one replaced on top, clothes not changed as often etc. We are so lucky today - I wonder if people realise how lucky they are.

  4. I had one of those machines when I lived in an old farm house in North Canterbury when I was in my early 20's. Not only that, it was out in a grotty cold shed. In the winter the water pipes froze in the frost & defrosted around mid morning then refroze in the evening so a small window for washing & showers - from the undersized tank.

  5. Yup I used mum wringer washer when had Anthony nappies etc it had a hand wringer so gotta work out using it lol, I don't think ya can even buy cloth nappies now.mind u I bought a twin tub when went bouth the flatHATED that couldn't tell you how many time that bloody thing flooded the wash house drilled a hole in the floor in the end to drain the water away.

  6. I love your tree runners. I did notice you had the size mislabeled on the large one. Should probably be 44 cm instead of .44 cm.

  7. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Can you please post a pic of the chicken??? It sounds delicious. Thanks, sarah

  8. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I loved squishing towels through the wringer when I was a kid!

  9. Maria4:31 PM

    Have you made the one for the real estate lady yet?

  10. Teriyaki Bacon sounds good to me!

  11. I have a friend who is allergic to chicken and turkey. That's about all we eat here lol


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