Tuesday, March 05, 2019


Well now.
To be honest there's a shit load of things/people who are the 'BANE OF MY LIFE'... but just for now...

...let me rant about wall space.

Every time I want to hang up a project to take a photo of it... I struggle to find somewhere to lay it/hang it.

Last time I had a very large project to photograph, I put it on the floor and I climbed up on the kitchen bench and... FELL OFF... and broke me camera and bloody near my neck.

So.  *sigh*  Today I am going to do my damnest to find a way to hang shit on a wall and not endanger myself, or have to move countless things EVERY. SINGLE. TIME,  to clear up a wall.

I used a sheet pinned up to the back of the lounge barn door yesterday.

ABOVE:  And that worked... kinda.
There was serious sagging going on (reminded me of mah tits)... but well... I'm sure I can sort the sheet out if nothing else?  *smiles*

By the way, isn't that Tree Table Runner lovely?
Well I think so, and I'm making more.

MORE:  I whipped this little one up last night, I've never made a tree runner this small before, I think it's cute:

ABOVE:  I think I will make about 3-4 this size and see how they go at market.  Do you think they will be popular, or not?  Too small?

Right ... now I'm getting ready to go walking with me FBG friends.  Apparently we are walking along the river bank?  So... I'll be back later with some lovely photos all going well.

OH,  Kelly is bringing out our new trailer this morning too!  Is it sad that I'm excited about getting a bloody trailer??? lol


ABOVE: This morning's walk was awesome! Sorta.  There were hills and steps, quite a few steps.  But it was lovely ... beautiful scenery.  Happy I got up early for it.

Now.... Kelly has arrived with the trailer, so we have to unhook it and park it up till we have a tow bar, which happens on Thursday.  

I'm expecting Lacy soon too... she's now based in Tauranga, but visiting me today.

ABOVE:  Lacy arrived, thrilled to bits with having a fully LEGAL car again... and her name on the Ownership papers too.  Here's hoping she keeps it legal ... no bottles of petrol in the boot to run it! lol

Kelly arrived with our new trailer ...

 ABOVE:  She had to drive it out here without lights too... cos her car didn't have an electrical kit for trailers!  So, she got here OK thankfully.
By Friday it will be registered and warranted, and we will have a tow bar.

For now, it's chained to our fence... I will be buying a wheel clamp for it too, as it's too easy for shitty people to steal them from ya property now days.

It's a really lovely trailer, I'm chuffed with it.
I've only ever had one other trailer, and it was a home made job... not as flash as this one.

So lovely, I have the house to myself for a while this afternoon.
I'm expecting a visitor a bit later on... more on that ... later.  *smiles*

4.05 pm:  well my visitor has been and gone, and it was a good meeting.  I might just hold off telling you about it till something either comes of it, or not.  *secret squirrel* stuff.  lol

Now, I'm gunna get back to my sewing, I've hardly got any done today!

8.45 pm:  just home from Card Night.  I was the loser tonight, but it's all good fun.
I'm freakin' tired... and I've gotten hardly any sewing done today.  Grrrr.
Must do better tomorrow.


  1. I think they will be a hit at the market, especially for people that do smaller scale entertaining/have smaller families. They will also appeal to people with a bit less spare cash to part with. I LOVE the tree runners but wouldn't use a longer one much, I would use a smaller one frequently when having a couple of people over! And no, I've been excited over less ;-)

  2. Love the small ❤

  3. I think the small ones will sell well. Many people either don't have large spaces or would like some runners for their smaller areas.

  4. Beautiful scenery for ya walk Chris.

  5. I like the rearrangement of the trees on the big one. Again - I am in awe of the beauty of your home area. You don't even have to go far to find the most beautiful places! And, of course, you are excited about the trailer. You get excited about all kinds of things - and this trailer is a BIG thing. Oh - I was looking at a page of sewing projects the other day and there was a table runner on there that totally reminded me of you. It was shades of muted blues and off whites. It was really pretty and simple. I thought of you!

    1. Awww thanks Chick... lovely to know.

  6. Are your table runners reversible?

    1. No they are not... that would up the price a bit much me thinks. *smiles*

  7. Lovely place you all went on todays walk.
    New trailer now I feel a holiday or long weekend coming up(smiles)

    Well done you guys more great days ahead

  8. You do love to keep us in suspense, don't you? :)

  9. Love those tree table runners. One day,...one day I'll buy one from you lol
    That walk looks awesome. Only in NZ such beautiful paths you can walk.

  10. Anonymous9:27 PM

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    Kindest, Heather


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