Monday, March 25, 2019


Wow ... so many birthdays lately!
There's been Huston (17), Rena (11) and now Kelly is 37!

Time/life is just flying by.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY,  have an awesome day.

I got the sewing room sorted out last night, I'm really happy with it.

ABOVE:  Now I'm going to look for a little stool on wheels, to use at the cutting table.  Last thing I want to be doing is dragging the large chair from the sewing machine area to the table all the time.

Yaaaa... that means.... SHOPPING again! lol

So today... I have a visitor coming this morning with grapes... YUMMMY.  They might help me get 'going' again.  Cos what do painkillers do to  ya digestive tract?  Yep.  Dam it up.


I'm not sure what else I shall do today, probably finish off those two Wonky House Runners and start some more with the fabric I bought in Auckland last week.


11.50 am:   And I'm finally up, showered and dressed!
I've had visitors for the past two hours.... and I've sat in me nightie thinking the whole time "OMG I need a shower!"

Seriously, I've been sweating so bad... the hot flushes have kicked back in with a vengence!

And that update got cut short cos ANOTHER visitor arrived!
Sheesh I'm getting nothing done.  But it is nice to have visitors who care.

I didn't see Jacqui or Joel this morning, they were up and gone before I rose.  I hope their day is going well.  Might text them and check.

Back to folding the washing...

6.35 pm:  washing finally folded and put away, after waiting a couple of (shish!)... weeks!
I made a lovely pasta dinner for everyone.

And now I'm going on an FBG walk... ONLY half a walk though.  I'm not really stupid, just half stupid.  It's about 2.5 kms and there's three of us who are taking it super easy.

I even got a little bit of sewing done this afternoon, so I'm feeling ALMOST back to normal.

9 pm:  Just back from our walk.  It went well... time will tell how my 'pain in the arse' is tomorrow!
Hoping it's just fine.

Jacqui and I stopped and had a drink and natter with Sue T after the walk, so nice ... just girl time.

I am signing off for the day now.  It's been a GOOD DAY!  


  1. Maria7:56 AM

    instead of sitting down to cut, raise your table so it is the correct height for you to cut at. This will help with the back pain you get when you sew all day too. You need to be getting up at least every hour.
    Here's a link to how to do it.

  2. great news you are on the mend. Love the sweing room area
    Well done both of you


  3. Hot flushes sux!!!
    Have you tried taking evening primrose tablets, they helped me.

  4. I was going to suggest the same thing. I do all my cutting, standing. I have a set of lower cabinets built in the length of one wall with a counter top installed on them. So I have massive storage under and a very firm cutting surface. No wiggle, nice height. If you watch your local listings, cupboards are often available free or nearly free when people remodel.

    1. Vickie I hope to one day have a larger sewing room, and then I can get something like that. For now I do most of my cutting out on the kitchen bench, which is huge and the perfect height. The table in the sewing room is more for arranging layouts, pinning pieces and so on.

  5. Glad the pain in the butt is on the mend.


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