Friday, March 15, 2019


Right... back to normal around here today.  Oh it is SOoooooo good to be blogging on a computer again I tell ya!  Using my phone to blog is the pits.  JUST SAYING.

I'm off to Hamilton to meet up with some FBG's at 9 am, it's our last 'social walk' before the Urban Challenge starts on Sunday night.

ABOVE:  We are walking around Lake Rotoroa this morning.  Such a pretty lake, it's 3.7 kms around it's circumference.

Once we've been around once, we are having morning tea. And THEN, we might walk around it again!  Depends on how we feel... and what we need to get done today.

Griffin may be coming with us too.  It's a 'Teacher Only' day at school... so no school for him.

NEWS:  I was contacted by a friend of a friend about taking on some private, domestic cleaning.  So, after some to'ing and fro'ing, I've managed to meet one of the home owners, and will be taking on the cleaning of her home as of next week.
It's only a couple of hours, but it's a start.
I hope to pick up a few more houses over the next few months... just enough to earn me a little pocket money really, and give me something else to do out of the house.

So, that's me news.   And it's thanks to LYNDA for putting her friend in touch with me.

Now, something different for ya.
Who knows what these plants are please?
I have no idea what they are, they just appeared in the vege garden all on their own... for all I know they could be deadly poisonous weeds!

ABOVE:  number 1 is very funky!  That green spikey thing is hard.  The other one?  No idea what it could be!  WELL ... no idea what either are.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Meet CHLOE, lying on her very own quilt.  Isn't she adorable!  Her Grandma/Nana gave it to her recently.  It's so lovely seeing babies on quilts I've made for them.  *smiles*

I'm going to be making a little baby boy quilt for her yet-to-be-born cousin soon too.  FUN! 

And that's all I have for now.  I hope to get a few nice photos on our walk this morning... catch ya later.


WHOOPS.... Sorry Bex I forgot!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have an awesome ya.

Well the general consensus is that my plants are deadly weeds!  I would never have known... so anyway, they will be pulled out today and thrown in the bin.

Today's walk went well:

 ABOVE:  It was nice weather for walking, overcast so not so hot.  I did get pretty hot though as there was bugger all wind to cool us down.

 ABOVE: There were 9 of us today (counting Griffin), so a nice number.  Yes, we are showing our 'Fat Bottoms', *smiles*.

ABOVE:  It will be interesting to go back in a few months and see what's built on top of those piles!  They obviously still need to be rammed into the ground.

After the walk and morning tea, Griffin and I did a small grocery grab before heading home again.

I literally dumped Griffin and the groceries through the front door when we got home, and I nipped out to have lunch with my friend Sue T.

We had sushi in town... I've not had sushi in a couple of years (at least), and really, really enjoyed it!

I'd forgotten how nice it can be.

ABOVE: My lunch.  YUM!  I LOVE those fresh spring rolls!

OH MY GOD!  An horrific shooting at 2 mosques in Christchurch this afternoon!!!
Multiple dead, so far 4 arrested. 
It is dominating all the news channels and TV/Radio.
At this point it is still an 'active' situation.  Scary, tragic happenings. 
There's evil people out there. So sad.

And it is worse than anyone thought.  49 people lost their lives to terrorists.  Another 48 have been injured.  What is this world coming to that you are not safe anywhere?  

I'm signing off for the day... there is nothing else to say but pray for those who lost their lives or are injured, and their families, and all who have been affected by this atrocious act of terrorism. 


  1. We had one of those weeds a couple of years ago and were told that they are nasty and to bag it and bin it so it rots

  2. Maria8:46 AM

    the first one looks like datura the second reminds me of a 'tomato paper sheath plant' but if a little different. search those names and see what you think.

  3. Hi Chris, sorry I missed you when you were down, hope you had a fab time - looks like you did :-) catch you next time.

  4. That quilt is gorgeous and something Chloe will probably keep for life. I really hope the house cleaning goes well, it's a good little earner and as you said, you can pick up a few more jobs. The bonus is that it will keep you fit along with the walking so it's a win/win.

  5. Oh and that first weed is called "Jimson weed"... not good at all, get rid of it.

  6. I ALSO love fresh spring rolls! I think the house cleaning will be a good fit. Flexible hours, make your own schedule, ect...

  7. Happy Birthday Bex,hope you have. Great day

  8. Beautiful photo of baby on rug happy b'day Bex

  9. Love the pictures and yes so sad for those people in Christ's Church mosques. Why do people do those things? My heart goes out to all those families that have been affected. It makes no sense! Why can't people just love one another?

  10. Totally agree such tragedy and sadness in Christchurch for all involved,
    Fab pics of all the goings on today .
    Love all the outdoor ones of the walk and awesome Griffin joined you girls

    Take care


  11. Speechless and saddened by todays events.Cant even think,those poor families.Shame on those responsible.Old Moo.

  12. Congratulations on the job ... if you were living here in Christchurch, I'd be tempted to hire you to keep my house in order. I always admire how neat and clean your house looks.

    Glad that you had a nice walk - beautiful photos.

    Happy Birthday to Bex.

    Definitely an horrific afternoon in Christchurch. My husband works just around the corner from the Linwood Mosque - but thankfully had finished his shift about half an hour earlier - and had left that area by the time of the shooting there. We all very much feel for the families affected, but also the amazing first responders (Police, paramedics, and bystanders who helped), plus the medical personnel who have been working so hard to additional lives today.

  13. Happy Birthday Bex.

    A horrific time in Christchurch, my heart aches for all those families and responders that are affected by the tragedy.

  14. I just saw the news and thought of you and your community. How horrible :(

  15. The first thing I saw today was news on the Christchurch shootings. How terrible. The USA has its share of mass shootings - but I was surprised to see it in New Zealand. It is so sad. I am sorry.

  16. I love sushi! Tour walking group looks fun! The terrorist shooting is all over the news here too.

  17. Horrifying, just horrifying, nothing else to say.

  18. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Happy Birthday Bex. I'm a bit behind on all accounts. So So sorry to hear the shooting. Horrifying & heartbreaking. Glad you & your family are safe. X


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