Sunday, March 03, 2019


Yesterday, after picking up our new kayaks, we realised we would need a trailer to transport all three easily.

So, me being me, I had to go looking right away!

I looked on Trade Me and was surprised to see they were more expensive on there (and mostly 2nd hand too)!  So I let my fingers do the walking and saw there were well priced BRAND NEW ones at Mitre 10.

So off we went to look at them.  We tried here in Cambridge first, but no luck.  So we went into Hamilton.

We only needed the smaller sized one (7 X 4) ... and at the last Mitre 10 we visited, they said they had two in stock, so the salesgirl went off to find them... she said they would assemble one for us during the week.

We waited and waited... and eventually she came back and said the two they did have 'in stock' had parts missing, BUT, would we be happy to take the $200 more expensive one (which had a tipping feature) for THE SAME PRICE as the 'normal' one?  

Well hell yeah!  So we paid for it... and Kelly is going to bring it out during the week, cos well... LOL... WE DON'T HAVE A TOW BAR YET DO WE?

I will be ringing around places this coming week to get a tow bar fitted on Stew's car asap.

The sooner it's all sorted, the sooner we can start using the kayaks!

ABOVE: This is the trailer... we won't get the jockey wheel on the front as we don't need it.

Steve will be coming down next weekend to build a little frame thingee to hold all three kayaks on it securely.  

I know that having the trailer will make us much more likely to go kayaking more often, as transporting them is going to be a breeze with a trailer.  AND an added bonus, we will have a trailer of our own for whenever we need one, instead of having to hire one.

*snort*  NOT that we could hire one lately, cos we don't have a tow bar right now!  That's coming though.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Yes!  I do have a kayak in my pool!  I plan on practising getting in and out of it while in water.  Might need a rope ladder though.  But we will see. 

I bought one other thing yesterday from Torpedo7...

ABOVE:  A good sized 'dry bag' for the back of one of the kayaks.  I can keep clothes, towels, camera, phones etc dry in it.  Cheap as buggery too... so I shall probably get another one or two for the other kayaks. Handy things eh?  They come in quite a few sizes, so it will be fun choosing some more.  

So today's plans?  Sewing mostly.  I'm going to make a start on a few Tree Table Runners.
Then after that I have a baby Boy Cot quilt to make. 

Oh yeah, and of course I will be in the pool at some point too.  *smiles* 


2.23 pm:  Today so far all I've done is housework.
Tidied up some in the garage, found a new place for all our life jackets and the new paddles.
Then I went into the sewing room and did some 'housework' in there too, which meant:

ABOVE:  Cutting out trees.  Lots and lots of trees.
It takes HOURS.

So, now I'm going to take a break and get in the pool and scoop all the dead insects and crap off the top.  Then, maybe try getting in the kayak!  lol

That should be hysterical.

8.15 pm:  Well it wasn't hysterical at all.  It's impossible to get back on a kayak from the water!  Back to the drawing board.

After my swim I got right back to cutting out trees, till now.  Hours of cutting out trees... I'm DONE!

I'm now going to sit and watch TV, have some dinner and do nothing else till tomorrow.


  1. I know u are both clued up but just incase u didn't think of it a lock for the trailer like wheel clamp thingy so when u out on the water and when its parked up at home too camping gear soon and more stall things trailer is gonna be a great help

  2. One tip we learned when buying and storing our kayaks.... If you store / transport them up side down.... You can use a sliced pool noodle over the wood rack and it stays put and gives a cushion for the kayaks.


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