Sunday, March 17, 2019


We had such a lovely time on the lake yesterday, here's some photos for ya:

 ABOVE:  Stew and Brylee had a swim.  Me, yeah nah, too many people.

 ABOVE: Down at Little Waipa Reserve, the reflections on the river were gorgeous.

 ABOVE:  We saw two duck shooting mai mai's, this one was the cutest, on a little island all of it's own.

ABOVE: We thoroughly enjoyed our first kayak outing.  Can't wait for our next one.

So today it's the Cambridge Trash & Treasure market.  What I call my $100 market, cos usually that's about all I make.  But, it's a hundred bucks I didn't have before, and I do enjoy it when it's not too cold.  *smiles*

So... we are heading out very soon.  I will update again either from the market, or when I get home.


Well it may still be March and not that cold yet... but... I'm cold! Only part of me not cold:

ABOVE: Me feet!  Thanks Mum... the boots are wonderful.
The market is slow right now... but should pick up in an hour or so.

And pick up it did!  I did quite well today, most unexpected.  Suffice to say, I will need to get sewing over the next 4 weeks and make more soup bowl holders, and runners!

How strange, I went thinking it would be a so-so day and it wasn't. Ya just never know on the day eh.

I am utterly shattered though.  I kept waking during the night and checking on that bloody giraffe,  April.  And she went into active labor at about 4.30 am our time, and had the calf (a little boy) at 5.45 am our time.  And I was awake watching the whole time.
Hence.  Knackered.

I am now going to have some lunch then a nana nap, cos I have the first 'official' FBG walk of the year... tonight.  I think I will be a bit slow tonight!  *smiles*

8.33 pm:  And... I did have a good nap this afternoon.  I was so tired!  Woke up in time for the walk, which went well.  Over 30 walkers tonight, several dogs and GRIFFIN.  *smiles*
It was hot and humid and heaps of us really felt it.  Looking forward to the cooler months for sure.

Time to sign off for the day... tired but happy to be getting back into the walking.


  1. Chris what fabulous scenery.Its a neat reminder to us to get off the beaten track when we are holidaying.
    So appreciate your sharing it and hope today the market turns up say $200 for you.
    All the nice things you make can be appreciated by others too.
    Loved the wee blanket for Chloe the other day too.

    Kayaking is so much fun and fitness and looks like you all had a ball,

    Take care

  2. Great to hear you had a good day at the market. Yes, I watched the birth of the calf as well. It was mid morning here so I was able to keep track while watching tennis on tv!

  3. Glad u had a great day baby giraffe watch I sure I read somewhere some one wasn't gonna watch it this time musta been a dream hehe

  4. Lovely to hear that your sales were good to today. You put so much effort into your beautiful items that it's nice to see that paying off. Have you considered adding casserole carriers to your range for winter months? I remember having one years ago and I used it so much to transport hot food - especially casseroles to potluck dinners etc - and it was great to take warm bread rolls to potlucks as well. I'd definitely buy one from you if you did.

  5. Love the giraffe nite nite..awesome..

  6. looks like 2 great days! I did well at my event yesterday too, the weather did a 180 and it got nice and warm but not too hot!


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