Wednesday, March 20, 2019


So I've been asked about Kelly's eyebrows, and how they are doing.

In case you didn't know, she got them threaded and tinted, and had a bad reaction to the dye used.

She is sensitive to dye, so kinda shouldn't have done it, but ... she did.  Here is her 'Start' to 'Now' photos:

ABOVE:  Before she did it, she had lovely eyebrows.

ABOVE:  Covered in scabs.  Seriously burnt.

ABOVE:  Scabbing coming off, along with ALL her eyebrow hairs.

ABOVE:  Photo taken last night.  No eyebrows to speak of.  We can only hope they grow back!
Personally, I believe they will.  And I bet she NEVER tries to tint/dye her eyebrows again.

Brylee had her first ever eyebrow shaping done yesterday, and they were going to tint her's too... until I said 'NO'... do a dye test first.
So they put the dye on her inner elbow to test for a reaction.

NO WAY IN HELL was she gunna go through what Kelly has!!!   Looks like Brylee has not reacted, so she will get her's tinted this morning.

As for me today, I'm going to Auckland to visit with my niece and her wee baby boy in Starship hospital.
He's doing really well now, and it looks like he MIGHT be sent home next week.  He's got a long, long way to go till he's out of the woods... but at least he's made it thus far.

I will also be stopping in at Sylvia Park mall, they have a really good Skechers shoe shop there, so I might get my new walking sneakers today.

AND I am most certainly going to be visiting the fabric shop in Mt Wellington (Ribbon Rose) too!
How could I not?  *smiles*

And that's me for now... catch ya later...


Right. Its  4.30 PM and I'm still in Auckland. 
I'm in PAIN like I've never had before. 

I woke up and just like that, I couldn't move without pain in my right but cheek!!!

And it's only gotten worse over the course of the day. 

No idea what's happened...I was just fine when I went to bed  last night!

The visit with my niece and her baby went well... baby was being discharged today, but they have to stay at the Ronald McDonald House for a few days before they can possibly head home.

ABOVE: Auckland Medical School, which is opposite the hospital.  I got my first job there as a medical typist...arrow points to where I worked.

ABOVE: Starship Hospital... its diabolical... like a rabbit Warren. Seriously,  I kept getting lost!

Traffic!!!! OMG I couldn't believe how bad it was at the hospital! It took me over 40 minutes to get a park. There's  only  two car park buildings,  and one was closed. So there was traffic banked up for literally miles.

ABOVE: In this photo  I was driving up the ramp to car park A. It took me 15 minutes to travel 5 car lengths!


So I'm now just trying to relax with a heat pad on me butt... and will head home much later,  when the traffic has eased off a bit.

I'm home. In a very hot bath. Will be taking painkillers and going to bed.

Going to doctor tomorrow afternoon. 


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Looking heaps better... fingers crossed they grow back just as good as they once were. :) Bee -gold coast

  2. I see stubble! It looks like they are growing back. I have NO IDEA why you gals want to COLOR your eyebrows. They look lovely in their NATURAL state (IMO).

  3. Have a lovely day shopping :-).

  4. No parking at chch hospital at all was bad enough b4 the earth quake but the only parking building closed and now they have build new after hours and maternity hospital on only lad thatbwas for parking nearest parking is over 4k away DIABOLICAL use your word lol is the pain your sciatic nerve.?glad baby is well enough to be discharged baby steps

  5. OMG, isn't that traffic at the hospital crazy - that's how it always is, not just a one off. I used to park in a side street and walk when I had to visit at peak times. Re your bum, you probably have a pinched nerve but then I'm no doctor :)

  6. Anonymous10:59 PM

    If it does turn out to be sciatica it is incredible that you managed to drive to Auckland and back. My husband gets that periodically and he can only just about walk let alone drive. So good on you but hope you feel better soon. Massage helps. Audrey

  7. That much traffic at a hospital does not seem like a good situation. People are sick, worried, stressed or in pain already - and to have to deal with a nightmare like that before getting in the door seems terrible! I hope your butt pain is nothing! I think I have had pain like that and it went away after a few days. But who knows. Hope it's just a quirk that will work itself out!

  8. It does sound like sciatica.


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