Thursday, March 14, 2019


Well... it's the small hours of Thursday morning  and I'm on a double decker bus in the middle of the  wop wops... about 3 hours from home.

So far it's been a decent enough trip. No sleep though, its just too uncomfortable. 

All going  well I will be walking down my road at 4.30 am and crawling into bed. Don't expect an update till MUCH LATER on today ok? *smiles*

Catch ya later.


4.25 am. Safely  home  and about to go to bed. 

1 pm:  And I've been up for about 2 hours.  I unpacked, tidied the house (even though it was VERY TIDY anyway), cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the pool... it was going green! and generally fluffed around the house getting it to rights.

And now I've got time to post some photos, in no particular order:

 ABOVE:  Me and the girls at lunch yesterday.
It was so lovely ... like old times.  I miss these tarts so much!

 ABOVE:  the ONLY photo I got of Mike!!!!  Major fail there I must say.
But we got to spend almost 5 hours together, and we yakked for most of it.
I love this guy so much and miss him dreadfully.

 ABOVE:  The view out the front of the bus from my seat last night.  This was taken on the Mamaku ranges, and there was a pea soup of a fog!  The bus driver was AMAZING, he kept to his schedule and we arrived at the various stops BANG ON TIME!
He was lovely and dropped me off at the top of my road at 4.25 am, and I only had to walk 500 meters to get home.

Stew got up and we had a good chat for about 45 minutes, before I fell asleep.

I was really surprised I actually stayed awake for almost the entire trip, and I didn't feel tired at all!

I am tired now though.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Sandra at the fabric shop in Foxton! She found wool, patterns and needles and is now knitting winter jumpers for her grandchildren.  *smiles*

So glad she enjoyed the shop as well as me.  Poor Chris D just wandered around aimlessly!
Not her sorta shop.

 ABOVE:  Last night we did a drive by our old home in Palmerston North.  It looked good... I loved this home.  Surprised the letterbox was the same one too!

ABOVE: These are the fabrics and panels I bought in Foxton.  I can't wait till I can use them.

5 pm and I've had a quiet afternoon.  Put dinner on and that's about it really.  Feeling really tired... but I expected that.  I should be back to myself by tomorrow.

***  I have been working on a little something for over a week, more on THAT, tomorrow ***

It's 8 pm and I'm going to sign off for the day.  Expecting to be in bed fairly early (for me) tonight.  I've got an FBG walk tomorrow morning.  That should refresh me.


  1. Have a safe trip home Chris, you will probably doze off for awhile.

  2. Glad you made it home!

  3. Good to know you have made it safely home. You will be feeling exhausted. Hopefully you have a quiet day ahead of you.

  4. Hope you get to get a good sleep in...

  5. What a journey. Reminds me of my student days coming up from Wellington on the overnight train and getting off in Hamilton at 5 am!
    Hope you recover fast lol

  6. Good to hear you are home safe. Hope you catch up on your sleep.

  7. Enjoy your sleeping :-)

  8. Glad u home...ick at the time hope you are sleeping in also hope you were missed by the teens. I know Stew will have missed you.

  9. That's a lovely photo of you all together - Anne is looking lovely, I miss her blogging days. It's kind of weird visiting places we used to live - so many memories come back. I usually do a drive by my old homes when I'm down in Wellington.

  10. I figured your walk home from the bus stop had to be short. I was worried there for a second. Walking home from the bus at 4;30 am!

    1. Yes, I would only walk home if he could drop me off at the end of my road, which he did. I was lucky, so was Stew. If I'd been dropped off at the bus station he would have needed to come and pick me up. I was not walking over 2 kms in the dark, on my own, at that time of night!

  11. What a lovely photo of you all. Great friends.Love the panels and fabric you got. Glad you got to spend the time with Mike. I'm sure everyone is very pleased to have you home. Sleep well tonite.


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