Tuesday, March 12, 2019


So after sleeping in...I'm gunna get up and go to town.

I'd love to visit the local fabric shop. You never know what you can find in a different place. 

Now...a little story about our trip home from Featherston yesterday....

Sandra isn't used to driving in the dark...so we are traveling along the road, IN THE DARK,when she decided to try and find out how to turn the headlights onto high beam!

Yep... she didn't know how! So she fiddles with the light switch...next thing I know we are going along in the PITCH DARK!!!! Cos she'd turned the LIGHTS OFF!    And get this...she did it TWICE before pulling over and  working out how to get them on high beam!!!

I do believe I called her a dick a few times.  Lol

I have a few more photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE: We found an awesome lolly shop in Greytown. Sandra and I bought a good stash of lollies from there.

 ABOVE: In Featherston...ahead is the foot of the Rimutakas.

 ABOVE: Yep ... cows again. I just think they are so cute. These one's were fairly friendly. 

ABOVE: The guy who felled the big pine tree yesterday  did a quick  smart job of  chopping it up!

And well... that's all I have for now... catch ya later.


And hello...I'm away and boom
 No one is talking to me. Pfffft. 

So...I've done a little shopping.  Nothing riveting.  Some makeup...tights... food.

The fabric shop I wanted visit has closed down. Boooo hoo . So many small, independent fabric shops  friggin well close down. 

And well... it's been a very quiet afternoon and evening.  I'm off to bed early... its tiring just relaxing!


  1. have a great day!! loving the pix, Christy xxx

  2. Is the lolly shop as good as or better than the one in Tirau?

  3. Similar... but different varieties. Had Granny Mints like Tirau... so a winner in my book.

  4. Crabby tart y are you buying lollies mrs no sugar low carb rember

  5. COS. IM. CRABBY. *smiles*

  6. Where did you go? Cloth shop closed down but still Village Books and Crafts. Has a lot of craft stuff too. Theres Aimees but you need a car to get there.

  7. Love the photos hope you are having a great time away.

  8. Again, the beauty, it looks so beautiful everywhere you go' : what’s a lolly ."? here a lollipop is a candy on a stick that you suck. Is that what that store sold" we still call it a lollipop or a sucker, never a lolly'!

    1. Lollies are sweets. We have lollipops here too. Think jubes,aniseed balls, gumdrops, toffees,candy bars etc... they are all known as "lollies" here.

  9. That is so cute! You have better descriptive words than we do. We would just call all of that "candy". Lollies sounds so much more fun! And CANDY should be FUN!


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