Monday, March 04, 2019


Soooo.... today I am going to do some tree runner layouts.

I did one late last night:

ABOVE:  I'm not sure on this one yet... might have to play around with it a bit more.  It's been a while since I laid out a tree runner... it might take a while to get back into the flow so to speak.

Brylee has the day off today... she would normally sleep in, but her cousin Danielle had a sleep over here last night, so I expect them both up at a semi-decent time.

And that's about all I have for now!  Could be a quiet day... like yesterday. *smiles*


1.31 pm:  And I've been busy all morning, got some washing done, tidied up the house, and generally did what I needed to before sitting down to sew.

And the tree runner is coming along nicely:

ABOVE:  I did move a few trees around to make it look better.
And it's now just got to be bound and it's finished!
I've decided to make one at a time from now on, instead of laying out several in a row then making them.
This ways, I will always have at least 2-3 finished before a market, and I won't be rushing to get more made.

ABOVE: although it is definitely getting cooler here, the pool is still just warm enough to enjoy.
Brylee looks a wee bit cold in the top photo.... but the sun came out just now and I'm sure she will warm up.  Nice to see these two girls enjoying each others company.  Cousins twice removed, but still a familial bond there.

Some good news:  I got Stew's car booked in to be fitted with a tow bar and the electrical work done on Thursday, so once it's Registered and Warranted we will be good to go by... Friday probably!  So happy about that.
I have plans to get this trailer fitted out as a kayak mover and multi-use trailer asap. *smiles*

Kayak photos?  Yeah nah.  There were none taken, cos I very quickly realised it was impossible for me to get back on a kayak from in the water.
I am too heavy and I don't have the upper body/arm strength to haul myself up and onto a kayak from water.   So... I just better make damn sure I never fall in eh?  lol

Time to sign off for the day... it's been a good, productive day.
Hopefully tomorrow will be too.


  1. Maria7:25 AM

    there's a few videos on youtube of how to get back on a kayak. Still looks hard though.

  2. No photos of you practicing getting in & out of the kayak????

  3. Hope weather is good this weekend u might get out kayaking

  4. Maria6:15 PM In this video he uses a small chilly bin to help gt back on the kayak at about 4:50mns. This might work for you.


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