Saturday, March 23, 2019





What a relief!  
It wasn't very nice having a third needle into the same vein I can tell ya!  Bloody hurt like f*#k!
The nurse yesterday morning tried getting blood out of my other arm, but no luck.  I only have one vein that 'works' for taking blood!

So.  That's me done.  I ain't going back for a very long time I hope.

As for why I was so sick yesterday morning?  The Doctor at the hospital is sure it was a reaction to the Tramadol.  So let's see what happens when I take it later on today?  
Like .... 7 am. 

I'm not taking any right now, even though I've missed a dose cos we were at the hospital.

My sore butt is holding up fine right now and I can still walk.  Maybe it's getting better and I won't need to take many more!
That would be great.

I can get back to me normal self.

ABOVE:  Two days in a row I got to dress up in a hospital gown for xrays!  As I said to the bloke who wheeled me to xray tonight : "Yesterday it was me pelvis, tonight it's me chest... who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be me head!"  lol

Like hell I say.  Enough is enough.

I'm now going to bed... we got home from the hospital around 1.30 am.  I expect we will be up again around 9 - 9.30 as we are heading off up to Auckland to visit my niece and her wee baby boy again.  They are going home early next week (all going well), so Stew wants to meet the baby before he goes home.  We both also want to see his little, almost 3 year old sister too.  We have not met her yet either.

So... it's kinda 'NITE NITE' from me... catch ya later on today.


WELL!  Clearly I've not bothered to update today!
How was our day?

Well, we slept in till 9 then got moving.
We arrived in Auckland at lunchtime, and had some lunch at Sylvia Park then headed off to visit our niece and her little family at Ronald McDonald House at Auckland Hospital.

They are all doing well, and their little baby boy is doing very well now, so they are being allowed to take him home on Monday.

It will be his first time ever going 'home' from the hospital!  He's adorable, making cute baby noises and smiling heaps.

Sorry no photos of them.

But you get this one:

ABOVE: Don't I look well?  Ha ha ha.  I felt like utter shit... pounding headache, sore back, felt like throwing up half the day long!!!

Tomorrow I am staying in bed.  I promise!

Yes OLD MOO... I am a nut case. 

We visited Steve, Bex and kids for about an hour before coming home too.

It's now 8 pm and we are just relaxing, having only just got home. 

I'm so thankful no bastard stuck a needle in me today!  lol

I'm signing off for the day... cos I'm knackered.


  1. Good to hear you are alright. Do take care and rest up. Hurry up and get better.

  2. Ihope the worst is over and that you feel much better today.

  3. I missed yesterdays BLOODCLOT update. I am so very happy that came out clear AND that you had it checked out. I know a young Mom that lost her leg from mid thigh down to blood clots (and delaying getting it checked out). So you did the right thing. Waste of time or not!

  4. So happy you are ok xx

  5. Not again! Hope it's your last hospital visit for a long time

  6. Sounds like how I reacted to Tramadol.... I've got it on my records as a big no-no because it's like an allergic reaction. Omg I felt so awful...i remember it vividly. 🤢 . So pleased it isn't a clot. Have a relaxing weekend. 😚

  7. Well that's a good result, and it's better to be safe then sorry.

  8. I know now at least you can relax ,after all the drama at hospital,while Stew does the driving and slowly but surely you will come right,

  9. Pays to rule out blood clots. Glad it's clear. Isnt there something else you can take instead of tramadol. The side effects aren't worth it.

  10. Glad to hear you're OK and you did the right thing even though it was a pain in rear!

  11. Awesome to read that your ok.. but as Steve said it's better to be safe then sorry aye mum.. love you.

  12. Glad results are negative...I also only have one vein in my right arm that "works" but usually look like a pin cushion 'because they no best'

  13. I’m hoping you are having a lovely restful day. Take it easy and give yourself the weekend to recover. Take care, Kristin 😀

  14. You are a nut case,your health is more important than a job. If it were me youd have me in hospital hooked up to a heart monitor,on a drip, and on oxygen.Forget the job until your completely well.The Old Moo.

  15. Have a great rest day tomorrow...YOU are important so take it easy.

  16. I'm glad you are home safe and sound - yes, bed rest for you tomorrow for sure!!

  17. It's a lovly photo Chris

  18. I thought blood clot when you were first talking or a sciatica nerve. Sounds so painful I hope the pain doesn't come back.


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