Monday, March 11, 2019


So...yesterday I decided to go somewhere... a  road trip in fact...

 ABOVE: Turangi

 ABOVE: The desert road... the windy bit.

ABOVE: The Desert road... the barren bit. 

 ABOVE: Taihape... looks like a nice shop.

ABOVE: So where did I end up???

PALMERSTON NORTH!  I decided, totally spur of the moment, to go and visit Mike and Joyce... and spend a couple of days with the girlfriends. 

So I packed a bag real fast and we left before lunch.    Hee hee...  I posted photos of the trailer work once Steve sent me the photos.  SNEAKY ME ... *SMILES*

So... here I am. Today Sandra and I are heading over to Featherston on family matters... so another little road trip! Sure beats staying home doing housework!


Well.. we are now in Featherston at Sandra's daughter's home.
And so far the visit has been very interesting. 

There's a bloke here felling some huge old pine trees.  I got some cool photos of him felling a twin trunked pine:

ABOVE: It came down beautifully.... one half fell straight  and the other went off to the side.  We ain't going anywhere right now cos it came down  across the driveway.  Lol

ABOVE: This is Sandra's little granddaughter Harper. We just picked her up from kindy.  I said to her:

"Wow you look like your Dad" which Harper said "No".

So I said  " do you look like your Mum?"

And Harper said "No" again.

I asked her who did she look like then?

And Miss Harper said..."I look like HARPER!"

Derrrr.... silly me!

Ok... it was just a bit funny.

Well... its 9.45 PM and Sandra and I have just arrived home from Featherston.  It's quite a long way from Palmy.

I'm off to bed


  1. Have a wonderful time!!! Did you stop for pies in Taihape......or don't people do that anymore?

  2. Good on ya mum.. have fun..

  3. How exciting, enjoy your spur of the moment road trip and seeing Mike & Joyce :-).

  4. If u get to see Anne R please give her a hug from me x

  5. Spur of the moment trips are fun!! I love Featherston and the Wairarapa, I owned a section at Featherston years ago and my Dad used to live at Lake Ferry then Greytown. Have a fun day :)

  6. Cute miss Harper is gonna go far

  7. Go Harper!!!! She does look like her nana though :-)

  8. Good for you traveled a bit further than we thought..

    local alien loved the Taihape pie stop comment.. We still stop at the railway type shop (its still a tea rooms and the gumboot,(smiles) is your table number ,, when home again. Pies and food is awesome..

    Chris what a neat spur of the mo trip.
    Well done you!!


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