Wednesday, March 13, 2019


But really...I'm heading home late tonight . On a bus.
And I won't get home till after 4 am!

So... I'm quite happy about that,  as it means I don't lose a day traveling.  That's cool.

I'm hoping like hell I get to see Mike and Joyce this afternoon and evening.  They were the reason I came down. I've  not seen them in a year. Far too long.

Such a shame Stew doesn't get to see his son too.

Today... no plans except we are having lunch with Chris and Anne. 

Here's some random photos for the day:

 ABOVE: I got a new eyebrow pencil from Sandra. Looks ok.

ABOVE: Meet Honey and Oscar, Sandra's dear wee dogs. Chris D has two Bichon Freise  dogs funnily enough...all three of us have two little dogs each! 

ABOVE:I forgot to show you the adorable little wonky house Harper's dad built for her. Apparently it's much harder to build a wonky house compared to a 'normal' one.

Right... I am off to do stuff.
Catch ya later.

Well...I was going to show you my new fabrics and us girls at lunch... but blogger is being an arse.
So they will have to wait till the glitch is over.

Mike n Joyce will be here in an hour or so....really looking forward to seeing them.


Having a lovely day so far! We went to Foxton... there's an awesome fabric shop there! I got some fabric...and Sandra got some wool, needles and patterns.

We are now playing 'ladies' and lunching.

More... later.

There's  a glitch with  blogger. I'm having trouble  updating  and loading photos.  Will keep trying. 

If this post seems willy nilly...blame blogger! It's totally mucked up me post. Grrrr.

Still can't  load photos. Might have to wait till I get home now.

On the bus... heading home. 7 hours to go.

Nite nite.


  1. Love the wonky wee house....

  2. Love the ginger puss 😍

  3. Such a busy time, but so many happy mems to treasure again,.Love those wee out of the way places to get goodies.
    Sometimes its lovely to travel by bus and just have some downtime (and catnaps too,, at that hour of the night) smiles Loving the Wonky house ..

    Will be gr8 if you catchup with the others and more pics to take etc,

    Travel safe,,, and I am sure Stew, Brylee Griffin etc will be happy to see you home again.


  4. A 4 am bus ride? You are on quite the adventure! The house is darling. And the doggy pic is hilarious - they both look unimpressed by the photo session!

  5. I hope you do get to see Mike & Joyce for a bit. Enjoy your last day - bus ride home will be loooong!!!

  6. So good to see you today😊lovely to catch up


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