Saturday, March 02, 2019


Well... this morning we are heading into Hamilton to pick up our new kayaks!
We are taking both cars in case three won't fit on top of Stew's car... and somehow I think that will be the case!

So. One can go on top of mine... we can buy some 'soft roof racks' if need be, they are not very expensive luckily.

In time I hope to get a small trailer and have Steve adapt it to carry all three kayaks and the paddles/life jackets etc.  But that won't be right now.  I will need to make some money at markets to do that!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Coco doing what she does best, sun bathing!  She's going to think her throat's been cut when it gets cooler... she's a sun loving girl!
She will be 9 years old on the 8th!

ABOVE: Brylee all ready for work.  Poor girl has work both days this weekend!  At least she still gets the afternoons off though.
She's not impressed with the uniform, or the fact that she has to tie her hair back... but hell... she's got a job!  More than some people can say.  

We are proud of her.

Once we have the kayaks home, it will be a case of finding where to store them!  Might need to get some racks or a pulley system going in the garage?  We shall see.

But for now, I better get up, get dressed and start the day.


Well... we left home at around 10 am, and THREE. HOURS. LATER.... we got home!
With three kayaks intact.

ABOVE:  We did have to buy some soft roof racks for my car, as there was NO WAY IN HELL three kayaks were gunna fit on top of Stew's car!
And I must say, for $34 those soft racks worked brilliantly!  

Luckily Griffin came with us and helped out, we got them on quicker with his help.

ABOVE:  Once he had done his bit, he found a container to sit on.  I think he rather likes containers!  lol

Brylee is due home from work shortly, so we are probably going out for lunch.

Well... We had a lovely lunch at a local cafe, then went looking at trailers!
And yep, cos I'm not the most patient of people, we ended up buying one.
But we couldn't bring it home cos we don't have a bloody towbar!

That will be top of my 'to do' list this coming week.  Finding the best place to go to get one... and by that I mean best price! Cos there can't be much difference from one place to the next right?

Now it's almost dinner time, thankfully Stew is cooking.  Just sausages and spuds tonight, it's too hot to go to much bother.

Dinner is over, and I'm watching a new series on TV that we have taped called Manifest.  Interesting.  I shall watch more over the next few days till I catch up with it on real time TV.  lol

Time to sign off, it's been a long, hot day again.


  1. Wow well done brylee.. so supa proud of you..

  2. That uniform is fine - saves loads of money on clothes too! I hope she enjoys her job :)

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Before I read that she doesn't like the uniform I was thinking how lucky she was to get to wear such a nice bright colour that really suits her. I think she looks great. Michelle from Oz.

  4. That is quite the BRIGHT PINK shirt! Yowza!

  5. Lol Brylee have u ever seen what "scrubs" look like hehe...gosh coco 9yrs gosh

  6. Brylee you look gorgeous in your uniform. It's a very pretty colour. I'm sure you brighten up everyone's day.

  7. Brylee and Coco both look cute!!

  8. Tow bar will set ya back ya best get sewing girl guessing Griffin can c for miles from his vantage point Mac cheese here sadly VERY REALLY someone else cook here :(

  9. Griffin sure has grown up!


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