Friday, March 01, 2019


Wow, I have NOTHING  on my agenda today!
I don't have to go out, no one is coming here... the house is all mine!

Everyone is out working or at school.

And I'm gunna first and foremost... stay in bed for a bit longer.

Then I will most likely get that pesky Alien Quilt finished.  I should be able to do that today.

If it's a nice day (and it should be), I might even get in the pool too.

I got some new chlorine for it yesterday.  A different sort from what I've been using, so hopefully it does just as good a job.

The pool is crystal clear and that is so satisfying... it's sometimes hard to keep the balances 'right'... but I seem to have it sussed.

And that is all for now... could be a very quiet day around here!  Perfect.


11.55 am:  long morning... spent a good hour and a half dying me hair!  Just puttering around the house... and, get this...feeling a bit COLD!
Yep, crazy as it sounds, the weather is certainly turning.  Not sure if I'm that happy about it.  
But then again... I'd rather be able to throw more clothes on than be too hot and be unable to do much about it!

I'm now going to have some lunch then get on with the sewing.  Home and Away has started again, so I will be watching that too.

ABOVE:  Kelly's eyebrows today.  Scabs coming off slowly... and by the looks of it... most of the hairs too.  What a disaster!  There is  a chance they will grow again, but it's going to be a bit horrid till they do.

ABOVE:  And ... it's finished!  I have really enjoyed making this quilt.  It will fit on top of a single bed perfectly, and I will be making one more, but with a couple of different 'characters' in the middle.

But that can wait a little while, next on my list of 'to makes' is some more tree table runners.  I'm down to 2 left.

I doubt I'll be doing much more tonight though... it's time to chill out and do... NOTHING.  *smiles*


  1. I took tomorrow off work, hoping to have a nice quiet Friday lol

  2. Might need some pool hints Chris. The land lord looked after it for us this year but it's our responsibility now mind you it's too cold now for swimming

  3. Omg poor Kelly. I must remember never to try that. My face is so sensitive I havent found many make ups that agree with it.

  4. Jesus why on Earth would she do it oh my I feel so sorry for you Kelly that looks painful too. Eyebrow pencil.
    How did Brylee work day go?

  5. Oh Kelly, that looks absolutely awful... you poor thing!!

  6. I know nothing about this stuff, but is there anyway Kelly can ask the business that did that to her to compensate her or something? If they have and I missed it, my apologies. I just think that is wildly out of line with what should happen. I get she has sensitive skin and reactions, does that make it harder to claim that they were at fault? Either way, she has my sympathies. Penny

  7. They gave her a refund, and paid her medical bills. Unfortunately I don't think Kelly can do much more as she went there knowing she was allergic to dyes/tints on her skin, and though she asked the beautician not to get dye/tint on her skin... it was bound to happen. So not a lot of come back on that score.

  8. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Kelly has major chemical burns which is more than being allergic..what did the Dr say? has she even had such a reaction before?


    1. I'm not sure what the Dr said actually. And no, I think this is the worst reaction she's ever had.

  9. Ouch! Those brows look mighty painful. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  10. HOLY CRAP that looks painful. Poor Kelly.


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