Friday, March 22, 2019


So today I am going to do my first 'house keeping' job.

I know you are going to think I'm crazy, bearing in mind how bad I was yesterday... but I really want to do it.

And I will make sure I've taken me pain killers, so I can actually move, and if it takes me longer than the designated time, too bad.

I want to do a good job... I know I can do this well!

After I've done it, I will come home and just totally relax again.  So please don't worry about me.  I will pace myself.  I will be fine.

I'm a tough cookie, and the pain can now be managed.  Thank god for pain killers!

It's gunna be a GOOD DAY...


So I'm up, and there is some pain, even with the pain killers on board, so I'm NOT being silly ... I have asked my daughter Kelly to come and help me.

She can do whatever I find difficult, and this way I won't over tax myself.

I feel.... weird.  Groggy even.  So am even having something to eat this morning, to help avoid any stomach issues with the pain killers.

SEE, I am being sensible!  *smiles*

Oh and Kelly can do the driving too... let's not drive while feeling groggy eh?  lol

12.30 pm:  Well where to start?

I vomited before I left for the job.  SHOULDN'T HAVE GONE... obviously.  But I didn't want to let the house owner down, so I went.

I managed to do 'some' of the work, but Kelly did the majority of it for me.  I spent a lot of time vomiting unfortunately.
And sweating profusely, like I've never sweated before.

In fact... don't tell me off!!!!!... I have never been that sick.

So sick in fact that I asked Kelly to take me straight to the doctors when we finished the house.

By the time we got there I was having a full blown panic attack and could hardly breathe!  Yep, I shouldn't have gone.

At the Doctors they did all sorts of things... gave me anti nausea medication, diazepam, blood test, and an ECG, cos my chest was tight and I had pins and needles in me hands and legs, felt all dizzy etc etc.

Like I said, never felt so sick in me life before.

Stew came home from work, Kelly went back to Hamilton and I'm sitting here feeling utterly wretched.

And then IT HIT ME.... I had all the symptoms of a blood sugar low!  Like a MASSIVE LOW.  So I checked my bloods, and they were HIGH????  
WTF?  edit:  I just remembered:  I took a glucose tablet before I did the test... so that's why it was high!  

Now I'm utterly confused.

Shaking me head now... think I'll just sit here and sleep.  And see how I feel in a few hours.
I will try to eat something though, cos I need to stabilise my blood level.

Blood... the bastards took more blood off me.  They tried my left arm cos I'd had bloods drawn from my 'good' right arm yesterday at the hospital.  Waste of time, they couldn't get blood from me left arm at all.  So back to the right arm they went.  Two needles!  Bastards.  *sigh*

So.  Quite a morning!

Kay Jay:  Yes I am, I have taken it before without being sick, so it wasn't that.  It was a blood sugar low, I'm quite sure of it.

CHRISTY:  Well I think it was probably BOTH, because when they had me breathe into a paper bag it got a bit easier to breathe and I did calm down a bit.  

I've now had a small amount to eat, had a good rest and am feeling so much better.  Such a relief.

I'm quite OVER being a sicko! lol

It's just NOT ME.  I'm usually rearing to go do stuff.
So... let's get back to it.  Tonight I'm going out with my friend Sue T, we are driving a few of the FBG walk sections, to check them out for accuracy, distance, safety and so on.
I'm 'navigator', so no stress or exercise involved.  I don't need any of that shit right now *laughing*.

And boom, just like that, 4 sections/maps/instructions done and dusted.  
I got a phone call from the Doctor I saw today while out doing the mapping.

Blood tests came back.  The one for 'heart attack' indicators was CLEAR.
The one for 'blood clot' indicators was POSITIVE.

So I'm supposed to present myself at Waikato Hospital for a bloody CAT Scan!  WTF?  I don't want to go.  But Stew is insisting I go.  Grrrrr.
It's gunna be a complete waste of time and money cos I'm damn sure I ain't got a damn blood clot!  Why would I have a blood clot?  Seriously.

Fuck it.  I will have to go.  Like, after dinner. Tonight.  What a fag.

So I rang the hospital and they don't have the paperwork from my doctor asking for me to have a CAT Scan.  So I will ring my Dr in the morning and see what's going on?

And well... that's the end of my day.  I'm over it.

One last thing, which is positive... the lady who's home we cleaned today is VERY HAPPY with it.  So, thanks Kelly!  You did an excellent job.

Edit: got talked into coming up to the bloody hospital by a nurse on HealthLine... so now we sit and wait, probably for hours and hours. For NOTHING I reckon.


  1. Don’t get upset but this is a fact, the pain killers are masking the pain only, not fixing your problem, it’s very easy to worsen your back, my son had almost one year off work as a chef because he had similar to what you have, he didn’t look after himself kept on working and he could not work. Please rethink about doing this cleaning job. Xx

  2. I think you will be fine - especially as you are taking Kelly for the physical stuff. I know you want to do this and I also know you'll be great at it (which is why I suggested you). Take it really easy today and if necessary get Kelly to do all the work this time. Then go home and get better!! I hear what Magpie is saying but I think you can at least oversee the work... good luck.

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    I agree 100% with Magpie. Everyone who comments will admire your bravery perhaps but will still think it is crazy after the amount of pain you were in yesterday. You could put yourself back months especially if it is a trapped nerve or sciatica. Pan bad enough to take you to the hospital doesn't go away with a few pain killers. So look after yourself. Audrey

  4. I hope for a POSITIVE report when you get back home tonight!!

  5. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Get Kelly to do can be the supervisor


  6. Wow, I wonder what's wrong? I hope they find out or that you get better before that's needed. Stay in bed, rest up!!! You poor thing.

  7. Right young lady, you need to rest up properly, stay in bed or on the couch, the teenagers can cook & clean (albeit not to your standards) but you need to get better. Good on Kelly for coming to the party with the cleaning.

  8. Thinking of you is all I can say .. Sadly one problem compounds another and seriously its time for you to R&R .. Thats rest and recuperate ..

    Your body is saying Please give me a break and the mind is saying I can do this.
    If Kelly can get the job started for you thats Great.. but Please take care and sleep it off at the mo!!

  9. I'm not diabetic but since my gastric bypass surgery I have bouts of both low and high blood sugar, and the symptoms are pretty much the same. Nausea, sweating, headache, shaking, vomiting. Ironically, they can be treated the same way - with something sweet. Weird.

    1. Yup same for me Colleen some not so bad some think ys gonna die

  10. Are you still on Tramadol. That makes me violently I'll.

  11. So sorry. What a fiasco!

  12. breathlessness, dizziness, pins and needles, being sweaty and a tight chest (and sometimes nausea) are all classic symptoms of an anxiety / panic attack. Not saying blood sugars weren't involved, but I know those panic symptoms VERY well unfortunately, Christy xxx

  13. Your walk/drive plan seems a good way to do something while still being "chill". Glad you are feeling better!

  14. OMG, what a fright you had. Glad you're feel a little better. Please take it easy and get lots of rest.

  15. Glad your feeling better mum... just glad I was there for you when you needed help.. you did what you wanted to do in the house thismorning that's the main thing.. leave the vacuuming dusting and bathroom cleaning to me.. will do it again for you in a heart beat. 💙💙

    1. That's so lovely of you Kelly :)

  16. Go and get that scan done please. If you feel a pain in your leg, it's likely a cramp or a pulled muscle. But it could be a much more serious condition: blood clots of deep vein thrombosis, also called DVT. ... A clot can cause problems even if it remains in the leg.Jun 17, 2014

  17. Will watch the page for update,
    You are better to be checked scanned and all in early stages that rules out the worst case scenario.
    Please take the medics advice.

    They have your interests at 💔 Heart too,,

  18. That's great that the lady was happy with the house clean and good that you have gone to the hospital, better be safe than sorry!! I hope it's all sorted soon.

  19. I'm no stranger to panic attacks so know how awful they make you feel. I'm also type 2 diabetic and know the feeling of being too low ( thankfully don't get often).
    Combine the 2 and I'm glad I'm not you. You must have felt you were about to die.
    I hope you are now back to normal and sincerely hope there is no blood clot found.
    Take it easy. X


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