Sunday, September 30, 2018


Daylight saving has started.

So the clocks went forward in the middle of the night. Not impressed that it comes around so fast now days.

Basically we have 6 months of daylight saving.

And just when you are totally used to it... the clocks go back again.  Which is nice cos ya get an extra hour in bed. 

Today though, they go forward, which means I should be out of bed by now... but I'm not.

I'm sleeping in.  I don't have to be up for any reason,  so why not.

Stew had to get up early to get Griffin to work... bet that was horrible, particularly for Griffin, who finds it hard to get up in the morning anyway.

Oh well... if ya want pocket money... you have to work for it.  And get outta bed.  *smiles*

It's school holidays for the next two weeks... I don't have any plans as the kids still have their 'after school' jobs to go to.  
But maybe a couple of day trips would be nice.
I shall give it some thought and see what we can get up to.

But for now... it's Sunday and we are going to have a relaxing day.  No gardening or housework.  There might be some sewing for me and watching sport on TV for Stew.  



No one seems to read my drivel on the weekends much... so maybe I shall only blog Mon - Fri?
It's a thought.

But for now... 

 ABOVE:  Coco has a sore eye... so she's in a cone and I'm waiting for some saline solution to cool down before I wash her face/eye.  Hopefully that fixes it.
She had what I thought was water all over her face the other day, but now I think it was probably something else.
No idea what though, but it has clearly annoyed her eye.

 ABOVE:  We bought a Swiss Ball from the Warehouse yesterday.  I want to use it for squats.
My leg strength is utter crap, particularly getting up from the ground or stepping up onto a chair etc.

ABOVE:  Production line of Robots.  

And now.. I'm going back to it.

8 pm:  Well it's been a very productive day, but I'm done for the day. Time to just relax and do nothing.
I don't feel any negative effects from the Daylight Saving starting, maybe I will in a few days?

At least we don't have small children who DO inevitably get a bit mucked up by it.


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Poor Coco, an extra hour of sleep is always nice. Can't wait to see those robots when their done 😁. From Brylee

  2. I feel so tired today... daylight savings ugh....

  3. Some of the soft toys remind me of the characters in Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are."

  4. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I read every day, pleeeease don't stop!!!!!

  5. lazy day here after a busy couple days in Chch Lazy as in I am not even getting dressed today..done a few silly christmas craft but as usual nothing is finished casue havnt got all the bits-wish I could just do one idea at a time and actually finish something.hope your afternoon has been more productive

  6. Neat to catchup tonight,, tho for a week you are an extra 3hrs ahead of us,,, so you all are probably asleep!!

    Love the swiss ball Loads of our physios reco them and they are something all the family can use.. Ours is grey (spose it does go with most decor) smiles, but I prefer the brightly coloured one Brylee is holding .

    Looks more fun to use and know you will strengthen muscles on it Chris...

    Enjoy the next 2 weeks,, not so full on routine.. Its gr8 when school hols come ,,,cos we all need a break by then !! Gr8 Brylee and Griffin have the wee jobs always fun and extra pocket money for all as well


  7. When I was going to the gym all the time I used the big ball for abs


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