Monday, September 24, 2018


Photos from yesterday, in no particular order:

 ABOVE:  Got his hands full.

 ABOVE: Stew found a big box of Nerf guns...

 ABOVE:  Nerf Guns = protect yourself!

 ABOVE: Coco basking in the morning sun.
Like she does most days, she follows the sun around the room all day.

 ABOVE:   Our backyard is looking utterly gorgeous.  Well, in my opinion it does anyway.

 ABOVE: The new lavender plant is doing well here.
So are the two boronia plants.

 ABOVE: A sea of purple... so pretty.  And masses of honey bees, which is neat to see.

The wasps, not so much.
I spent some time walking around killing them with flyspray!
Nasty evil little fuckers are wasps.

ABOVE:  Steve had a fall at work and hurt his back... so Bex was rubbing some pain gel on his back.  Wonder if it helped?  

Today:  not sure!
Probably getting the housework done then sewing.
I've got another FBG walk tonight, another new one for this year, so yaaa, ticking them off.

But for now... I will get some washing on and do some vacuming/wash the floors, bla bla bla.


Well it's a bit sad.  After such a glorious Spring day yesterday, it's gone back to being a bit nippy and overcast.  But I still hung out the washing.

And now, I'm off to clean more windows.

Lounge - DONE
Front door - OMG!  It's just one window and a door right?  YEAH right... but it's taking me forever. I put double sided tape down the length of the window at some stage to hold netting there... but then I hung the netting on wire... so that double sided tape just sat here getting disgustingly grotty.

It's taken me at least an hour to get the bloody stuff off again.  And doors!  Ewwwww, they get so dirty.  I hope to get that door and window finished in the next half an hour or so... taking that job to close to 2 bloody hours!!!

I'll be ready to take a break by then I think.

Oh and all the linen I hung outside on the line had to be brought back in cos it started to rain.  And now?
Sun-bloody-shine.  Grrrr.

A little ?  about yesterday.

I was really concerned about how Keera would react to seeing Lacy after such a long period of time.
Bearing in mind she now calls Steve and Bex 'Mum and Dad'.

Well it couldn't have gone better really!
Keera was a bit hesitant to begin with, but quickly was all over her 'Mummy'... but then it got a bit strange.

She kept calling Lacy :  Mummy, Aunty Lacy or just Lacy!  

Lacy wants her to call her 'Lacy', like Brylee and Griffin do.  But I suppose it's a bit more confusing for Keera, she has only known Lacy as Mummy.

Weird having two Mums now!  I am sure as she grows older, she will figure it out and settle on one name for Lacy and another for Bex.

The other thing that we were all concerned about was how Keera would be AFTER seeing Lacy.  Keera gets night terrors still... so it's going to be interesting to see if they get worse or stay the same, after seeing Lacy.  You just never know how a kid is going to react eh?

Fingers crossed she's just fine.  She's had so much to adjust to in her little life already and seems to be well adjusted!

BTW, night terrors are VERY common in her age group.  

I've finally finished the front door area, so time to take a break and have lunch.  Seafood I do believe.  *smiles*

6.10 pm:  And it's raining.   So, the FBG walk might get cancelled.  I should know in the next half an hour.  I don't mind walking in the rain, but plenty of others won't.  dumm deee dooo...

ABOVE:  YES!  The walk went ahead, even though it was a little wet at times, but not much.  It was a very dark night, and part of the walk was out on the road to Karapiro lake... no street lights!  I had put new batteries in my walking torch thank goodness!

Home now and cooling down... got me blankie on, watching some mindless TV before bed.


  1. I am so pleased the visit went well, for everyone. Keera is clearly adjusting well to being with Steve & Bex and it is nice that she can enjoy spending time with Lacy as well. Fingers crossed no night terrors, I am sure she will grow out of them in time.

  2. I am glad the visit with Keera and Lacy went well. Keera really seems like a sweet, happy. little girl! And, who knows if the pain gel worked for Steve - but he has got to love the little backrub that ensued during the application. Beautiful yard / garden.

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Hi looks like a happy family get together.. Yes night terrors just happen for no particular reason, one of my sons had them...


  4. Your new walking tights are snazzy!! They look great. How is Griffin's acne going or is it too early to see yet? I'm glad it went well with Keera and Lacy.

  5. Sorry about late comment, I would rather Keera call me 'Lacy' as she was starting to call me untie lacy and that was just a bit to weird for me, but she was also calling me mummy aswell and I didn't want that to confuse anyone or yea.


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