Monday, September 17, 2018


A couple of funnies for ya first up:

ABOVE:  No prizes for guessing which dog is me!

ABOVE: And OMG this made me laugh so much!  Particularly as I was thinking about MY EYEBROWS recently. 
On that score, I'm not doing anything.  Tattooing or Microblading... both have risks, and if they go wrong... not worth thinking about.

I just have to get better with an eyebrow pencil.

I love Mondays.  Everyone buggers off and I get to potter around the house and get shit done.

There is a walk on at 10.30 but not sure if I will go yet.  There's a heap of washing to get done here, and other stuff.

I spent a little time last night making a new owl... just a soft toy.  I will probably make half a dozen and see how they go at my next market.

ABOVE:  I made two... they are beside the coffee cup for size comparison. What do you think of them?
They've got a top 'tag' so they can be hung up.

Right... better get a move on, there's at least 2 loads of washing to get done, if not 3.  That shit never ends.


After thinking about my weight plateau last night (well come on, for the past few weeks really!), I came to this realisation.

While I've not LOST any weight in weeks, I've NOT GAINED EITHER! That has to be a mega POSITIVE EH?  No gain is fricken AWESOME. 

I have to stop focusing on the bloody scales.  My fitness and health are so much better.  My shape is changing all the time, my clothes fit better, hell some of them are just to big and hang off me!  It's all good ... and I'm going to STOP bitching about the scales.

In saying that, I will be weighing in later on today... cos it's weigh in day.  *smiles*  I really am conflicted lol!  Years and years of it always being about a number, it's hard to change.   But I AM trying not to let it affect me so much.

A drop of 1.9 kilos
Maybe I'm finally off that bloody plateau?

ABOVE:  A few owls in the making.  Having fun sewing for the next few hours I think.  Might stop for lunch shortly though...

3.40 pm:  Well lunch was seafood salad, then I kept sewing.

ABOVE:  5 NOW!  I'll probably make a few more before the next market(s) in October.  I've got three markets in October, so fingers crossed for some decent sales.  *sad face*  

Tonight's FBG walk ended up being a bit longer than anticipated!  A street on our route was fenced off due to storm water work, so we had to improvise and go a different way.  So we ended up walking just over 6 kms!  I'm rather tired now!
But a good tired.  Very happy I got out and walked with the girls.  Lots of laughs and conversation.  Nice after being on my own in the sewing room all day.

I'm going to relax for a little while now, then sew some more I think.  There's bugger all on the telly so I might as well sew.  The owls are fun to make!


  1. I just use an eyebrow pencil - I don't feel "dressed" until my eyebrows are on :) I do find though that you get a better result depending on the pencil you use and the colour. Maybe experiment a little with that? The owls are cute.

    The fact that your shape is changing and your health has massively improved is incredible. Don't forget summer is coming and you will naturally eat more salads and light foods. You haven't mentioned reflux or other issues for a long time so I'm assuming that's all a lot better too!!

  2. Good Morning DCR 😊 and Ma yea as you said, stop thinking about the number and just think about the positive changes you are making in how your feeling about your walks and how you can see that your body IS CHANGING for the better and stuff like that, coz we can All See A Change in you and its bloody good 😊 Right I'm off to start my day
    Love from Me hehe

  3. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Hi you have lost a lot of weight already 20 kilos...the closer we get to our weight range the slower it comes off...that is what happened to me...basically if you eat less than your body needs you will lose more weight...there are sites online where you can work out your basal body weight and see the energy requirements that you need to lose. The dietitian I go to worked mine out...


  4. so funny--the rant about eyebrows!


  5. It is hard to stop focussing on the numbers when we have been doing so for so long but you know you have lost a shit ton of weight and are looking, and more importantly feeling, a lot healthier so it is just time to retrain your mind a bit more.

    Love the owls, you could fill them with sand and make brilliant doorstops :-)

  6. Yeah eyebrow pencil. I use one. Actually, I use a brown eye shadow and "colour" mine ever so slightly. And now and then I treat myself to a dye job at the local beauty parlour. Lasts a few weeks and looks great. She also does my lashes.

  7. YES!!! That's a great loss, a fantastic result.

  8. linked you to facebook thought of u as soon as i read it you r doing so great

  9. Hahahaha, I just watched the videos - love them!!!!

  10. some unsolicited beauty advice Chris! Like Colleen, I use a brow powder as well. It's not as harsh as a pencil can be. Or you can use a matte eye-shadow. MAC has some good ones at your department store. If using a powder, it's best to use a small angled brush.... I got mine at a dept. store, but you can pick them up at chemists or even the supermarket Christy xxxxxx

  11. Wooo that's a big drop!

    Loved the eyebrow video, that's hilarious!

    The owls are cute I did a ton of sewing this weekend too.


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