Friday, September 28, 2018


33 years ago TODAY... I went out with a girlfriend to her Netball End of Year function.
And she introduced me to her team's Coach.

That was Stew.  

The first thing I EVER said to him was:

"Don't get interested, I'm a solo mother with 4 kids!"

But he did, and we spent the entire evening together.

Then we met again three days after that ... and well, he moved in with me 10 days later!

We have never looked back.

I firmly believe in FATE...  for whatever reason, I was meant to meet him after having 4 kids with the wrong man.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would meet the RIGHT man after walking away from a bad marriage with 4 kids in tow!

Life eh?  You never know what's in store for you... some good, some bad... all I can say is, you grow from every situation.  And learn. 

I know I love my Stewy more as time goes on.  He's my HERO and my hunk.  

Right... before this gets any more soppy... I'm moving on!  *smiles*

I didn't get any sewing done at all yesterday! First day in a while that's happened.  So, I will be sewing today.  The sore fingers are feeling a bit better, so I should be able to get some work done.


11.15 am: EDITED part of today's post OUT. Cos really, it's just not worth the drama.  And it just makes me upset after a while.

When that happens, I seriously start thinking about deleting my blog ... or at least STOPPING blogging.  

And that wouldn't be fun would it?  So, I try hard to keep it drama free, but sometimes my mood gets the better of me.

So sorry I upset some people... and now it's deleted.


My day is going rather well!  I'm cutting out my next project, another soft toy.  Feeling excited!

The sun is shining, and later on I might just take myself and a couple of dogs for a walk.

I'm at the sewing up stage of the next soft toy.

ABOVE:  The latest toy... again I think the head is a bit too small... so will be making the next one bigger in the head.

Stopped for lunch... then back to it.

Second attempt at that soft toy:

ABOVE:  NOW I feel like the body is too short!  So I shall be making ONE more to get it right, before making something else.  I'm going to be making a few more different ones over the next few days... this one I'm calling an Alien.

And as it's Friday night, it's a 'Silly Bugger' dinner.  Tonight's is left overs, as we have heaps of left overs in the fridge.

And that's me for the day... it's been a good day overall... I got lots of sewing done, and a new pattern made after three attempts!


  1. I would love to see a picture of you and Stew when you first met and married! Would you please share?

  2. Well Cathy, much as I'd love to...we have very few photos from back then! And what we do have are up in the attic. If I can persuade Stew to go up and find them I will... at some point!

  3. Happy anniversary you two. Much love xxx

  4. Such a sweet story. I am so glad you found each other. Happy Anniversary.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both...much love to you both xx

  6. Happy Anniversary 💚

  7. Yes some old picture would be fun!

    Is the new stuffy a fox?

  8. Congratulations. May you have many more years together.
    Soul mates!

  9. That is such a lovely story Chris.How wonderful you and Stew met that night and thanks go to the friend that got you to go out that evening. May you enjoy many, many more years together.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you have something special planned in celebration. Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Trish in NJ7:18 AM

    Happy Anniversary and I hope you have another 33 years, at least. And your newest stuffed toy is absolutely adorable.

  12. Congratulations you two. I've never met a couple who got together so quickly and have stayed together. But you are so awesome and I love you both.

  13. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Happy Anniversary!!! Love the new soft toy!!!!


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