Sunday, September 23, 2018


Well, I doubt I'm having a sleep in today!
With three little grandkids  in the house visiting, I'm sure I will have company in bed soon!

I'm looking forward to spending time with them all day.
Probably no sewing today, but I can show you the soft dolls I got finished yesterday:

ABOVE:  She's adorable!  I have taken the advice of someone and tried 'crescent shaped eyes'... I'm calling them sleeping eyes.  *smiles*

The next doll has got different eyes too!

ABOVE:  See I listened!  I added pupils!  I think it looks good.  

So now I'm sticking with these two 'types' of eyes for the dolls.

Lacy is due out mid morning as well... and that should be ... interesting.  

Right, I'm off to have me hot chocolate in bed... and await grandkid cuddles.


Well.... I got my hot chocolate in bed this morning, courtesy of Bex.  And of course, 3 grandkids DID jump in and have kisses and cuddles.

ABOVE:  The kids were very happy in their beds all night, Archer was particularly happy cos he got the 'special camping bed'.  So glad we thought of it so he could have his own bed too.

ABOVE:  Stunning day, can't complain about the view from my bed this morning!

But, I'm not in it now of course.  I'm up and enjoying the visiting family.

Lacy is due soon... feeling a bit ??? about how that will go with Keera.  Let's hope her behaviour does not go right out the window!  Hopefully I'm worrying about nothing.

3 pm:  And it's going well!  No issues or dramas, which is great.
Brylee just left on her 2nd ever driving lesson.  In an automatic car, which pleases us.

The sun is streaming down and it's a glorious Spring day, and I'm cold!  

Off for an FBG walk in a couple of hours, that should warm me up. 

Dinner tonight is going to be lasagna toppers and veges.  Something universally liked and easy to do.

Right, this is a Lasagne Topper:

ABOVE:  It's NOTHING like real lasagna!  Mince/cheese and potato, covered in breadcrumbs.  Bloody yum.

Tonight's walk was 5.78 kms long.  5 pm was a lovely time to walk, well in September anyway. *smiles*  Not too hot or cold.
I found I ran out of energy in the last 15 minutes or so, and the sole of my right foot started hurting again too.  But on a whole a neat walk with lovely friends.

ABOVE:  NOTE TO SELF:  Don't get photos taken of oneself from the side!  NOT flattering, not at all!  Next time I wanna be the top of the "L".  lol

In case ya can't tell, we were spelling out 'LOVE'.  Don't ask me why, it was our walk leader's idea. 

I'm damn tired now, so will be chilling out for the remainder of the evening.
Photos from the family's visit today will be on tomorrow, not that I took many!  
I think I took more photos of me garden today than them.  Derrrr!


  1. Good Morning DCR 😊 see you guys soon 😊

  2. Enjoy your day with your family :-)

  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

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    1. Mmm.... is that spam?

    2. NO IDEA how that one got through! I must have put me fat finger on the wrong spot on me phone. It's gone now.

  4. I love your soft dolls. They remind me of the ones in the show “In The Night Garden”.

  5. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Sounds like you are all having a lovely day...


  6. hope your day is continuing to run swimmingly - nice evening for a walk. pumpkin soup fir tea here. love the view out your bedroom window

  7. What is lasagna toppers. Is it different than a pan of lasagna.

    1. My thoughts, too, Dogstars. Hopefully Chris will put us out of our curious misery!

  8. That IS NOT what I expected. And if I google Lasagna Topper - nothing like that comes up. I may have to wing it and give it a try!


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