Monday, September 03, 2018


No new walks have been posted by the FBG organiser, so there's only two walks later on this week that I could do... and both are ones I've done before.
So... I might just have to go out on my own (or drag Lacy with me) for some exercise.

We are supposed to be doing a 'Companion Walk' this morning too... but something tells me it will be cancelled due to the weather.  A 'Companion Walk' is where we visit a Rest Home and take some of the residents on a gentle walk, share some time and chat.

If that's not happening, I will just get into the sewing room and start a new project.
I want to get at least two 'all year round' runners made before my next market on Sunday.
I am going to use beachy/nautical tones I think.  It will be neat to be doing something quite different.

This is the Christmas Runner I finished last night:

ABOVE:  I know it looks like arrows, but they are supposed to be Christmas trees.  Might have not got that QUITE right!  Whatever you perceive them to be, it's a nice runner eh?

Right, I'm off to check on Facebook and see if our walk with the older folk is on or not... then sort out my day.

Oh yeah... I must ring an appliance repair place and get our washing machine looked at too... it's leaking water everywhere.  Most annoying.


It's raining. Companion walk got cancelled... AND they had forgotten we were coming too, so it was never going to happen.  

S0... I'm in the lounge trying to rearrange my market tables so I can fit in the rack to hang runners on.  It's not going well.  YET.

THREE... HOURS...  LATER... and I think I've got it sorted out.  I had to lose one of the big trestle tables to fit the rack for the Table Runners in my 'space'... but all good.  The only things I don't have room for are the cushions, and they were not selling anyway.  They will become Christmas presents! ha ha ha!

I'm going to leave it all up so Stew can have a look and tell me what he thinks.

All of this will have to be repeated on the weekend, when we set up the Gazebo and work out how my display will work inside that space too.  *sigh* 

9.38 pm:  And the day is done.  Nothing much happening, as I thought, a slow day.  I'm happy with how I got the stall tables/display sorted out.  It's all packed up and away again now.

I put an update on Facebook ... just saying I'd be at the market on Sunday.  Added a few photos of my products... and ended up selling another tree table runner.  Awesome.
Except now I only have 3 of them left, so I will be making a few more of them this week I think. 


  1. morning DCR world :) oh kewl looks like some walks with me Ma this week :) 😂

  2. Can't you just put up some lines around the edges of the gazebo and peg the runners on?

  3. So what are the details of the market? Is it this weekend? I'm heading to rotorua so might swing by!!

    1. Cambridge Trash N Treasure Market. 8am - 1 pm. My stall is on Duke Street, top end by pedestrian crossing, right outside Van Dykes Furniture Store. I would love to see you!

    2. Sounds like a plan!!


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