Thursday, September 27, 2018


Well my poor squished fingers kept me awake a bit last night, but not too bad.

I feel like I might have broken the top of my index finger, it's that sore.  Obviously there's nothing that can be done if that's the case, so I will just have to wait for it to get better.

 ABOVE:   I have no feeling at the tip of the index finger, but the rest of it is bloody sore as.  I can't even bend it much.  Oh well... teach me to be more careful closing the sliding door that's for sure!

ABOVE:  This is why I'd gone out that door... I wanted to photograph my grapevine... it's bursting into leaf.  It's so neat watching everything growing.   

I have high hopes of us getting some grapes this year.  I love home grown grapes.  Our grapevines in Auckland had just started to produce grapes, and we moved!  Typical.

ABOVE: I took a photo of these flowers just the other day, and they have already doubled in height.  They are so very pretty.  

I love our gardens, and appreciate all the work Stew puts in to keep them looking so lovely.  
He's such a hard working, good man.

Stew left freakin' early this morning, he's gone to Auckland for a meeting.  But he had to pick up colleagues from Auckland airport first, hence the super early start to his day. I hope he gets there in time... Auckland traffic is the pits!

I'm going into Hamilton this morning for ????  Shit right this minute I can't remember! But it will come back to me at some point.... until then I will get some washing on, then maybe draw up a new soft toy pattern.

I want to have a few more options ... maybe another 2-3 I think.

There is an FBG walk on tonight, bang on dinner time... so I better have dinner sorted and ready before I head out to that.  Hmmm... what shall I cook?  Stew will be home late, so it better be some sort of casserole me thinks.  


LOL... finally remembered what I needed in Hamilton, so went in and got it.
Black felt.
Oh and I ended up having lunch with Lacy and Kelly... and I did a little retail therapy too.

 ABOVE:  I took advantaged of the Sale Lovisa were having and got some new earrings.  I wanted some white ones to wear on Saturday night.  We have a party to attend.

ABOVE:  Farmers were having a sale too, so I got a new top to wear on Saturday night as well.  It looks nice on, and is nice and lightweight, perfect for summer.  Shame it's black, blue would have been better!  *smiles*

Home now, and I'm going to relax for a little while, before getting dinner made for the family.

Me fingers are feeling a bit better, unless I bump the index finger, then I yelp a bit!  It's really sore and turning purple all over the top now.

7.56 pm:  And I didn't go on the FBG walk tonight.  I am just feeling a bit flat tonight.  Like everything is too much effort?
Won't add any more tonight, so signing off for the day.


  1. I'm sorry you smashed your fingers. Once, I almost cut the tip of one off with a very sharp knife, I got stitches, and when it healed, I could predict the weather with that finger. It would get tingly when it was going to rain.

  2. Oh no not the fingers!

  3. Oh crickey 😲 that looks painful

  4. Love the new top, black is nice but blue would have been better. can you splint your finger to protect the tip when you knock it ?


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